There is no room in a relationship for ‘Zipped Lips’… unless of course, you’re planning your partners escape from Alcatraz or their once in a lifetime Super Surprise Birthday Blast!! Stonewalling or ‘the silent treatment’ will most certainly launch a ‘coldwar’ between you. Choosing the route of the Silent Treatment, unless managed respectfully, effectively and efficiently—- can negatively change your relational dynamic indefinitely …and possibly ‘forever’.

God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. That silent, sweet or wretched middle of the face ‘pie hole’ is not just for ‘ gossiping and chair to the trough feeding frenzies’… It’s for ‘OPENING UP and VERBALIZING—- ‘respectfully’—- exactly what’s on our minds. There is always a solution to every opposition. It’s about navigating and choosing the route.
More difficult than we may care to admit —-at some level—- and to some degree, regardless our brainiac degree, we all—at some time or another find difficulty in speaking up about one thing or another—-in our most close and personal relationships.

“Six for Sex” suggestions to help open an amiable discussion that could become a “Win Win” wild wonderful mattress ball make up session—–rather than the beginning of another ‘Cold War’, between you and your beloved.

1. Begin with a compliment about something you love that your partner does for you, or has done in the past for you.

2. Refrain from addressing issues when you are irritated, angry or after a long day at work and extra lively happy hour.

3. Make it a habit of using ‘I’ statements, rather than ‘You’ did this, that or the other or You … always, never, etc.

4. Remain focused and on point and limit the number of grievances, complaints, or events to one or two per discussion.

5. Ladies, do not yell, scream or name call. It’s important to remember that all Men lose their ability to ‘hear’ when their heart rate rises above 90. wink emoticon

6. Gentlemen, grab your stress ball, and remain engaged. Please do not mock or attempt to fix anything. It’s true, your psychic powers are piqued and you know exactly where she is going with this emotionally arduous talk task. Please guys, be still, remaining awake and alert. You’ll be happily rewarded later.

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Image result for male female symbol zipper lips
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