Emotional Connectivity = Physical Intimacy


Even the best relationships require energy, effort and individual ‘one on one time’ focused on our partner, centered around the relationship. Work, kids, family, friends, self interests, hobbies, running a home, etc., puts a strain on the close personal connection or ’emotional intimacy’ that must be maintained throughout your relationship allowing the emotional intimacy or romance to thrive and grow. Finding time, and even carving out a specific time for ‘tending your garden’ so to speak, tending to the necessary needs of your partner and the relationship, so it produces a good harvest— can oftentimes seem impossible.

This is where you ask, how important is your relationship to you? Working together with your partner in communication and in planning ‘special ‘US’ time is vital in maintaining the emotional connection that will keep the two of you priority—each to the other—- while going about your busy lives. If you allow your busy life to take priority, rather than maintaining your emotional connectivity within your relationship, then you are not making your relationship or your partner, a priority. Failing to do so will put a strain on the intimacy of your relationship. Guys please listen up, maintaining emotional intimacy = physical intimacy!! 🙂

Maintaining the Emotional Connection, is vital. Not spending enough ‘one on one’ time will eventually pull the two of you apart. Busyness with other things, distracts from the warmth, gentle, flirty caring, kind, considerate, nurturing sweet texts, calls, notes, etc., and will slowly but surely erode the emotional intimacy that you both so cherished, craved and truly enjoyed and looked forward to, each with the other — in the beginning. Don’t let the beginning ‘be just the beginning’. Allow the beginning to ‘be continued’ always. Relationships do one of two things: Your relationship will either last forever, or it will end!

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