Bridging Astrology and Psychology in Practice

Interpersonal Counseling for Personal Life Changes

Advice and Solutions for All Your Personal, Professional, And Romantic Relationship Needs

Since 1992, Daija has been assisting people in building better relations through counseling and interpersonal coaching. My name is Daija DeMornay, and I can help you succeed in a variety of relationships in a variety of settings, from the boardroom to social environments. I am here to put your mind at ease and navigate your journey toward growth and fulfillment.

An Experienced Interpersonal Coach

Since my late teens, I have had a passion for understanding the nuances of human behavior and relationships. Such passion led me to choose a career as a spiritual astrologer and relationship counselor. Leveraging my training experience in behavioral sciences and Biblical studies, I am devoted to providing professional advice to my clients.

Combining Astrology and Psychology

Astrology was our first psychology. As human beings, our natal chart is the blueprint of our lives, including our relationships. In my practice, I utilize my knowledge in astrology and psychology to assess my client’s problems and offer them guidance. I use my God-given gifts of wisdom, intuition, and discernment in working with both individuals and couples. My focus is on love, romance, and committed relationships.

My Approach

Through my qualities like intuitiveness, calmness, and, assertiveness, I am able to focus on employing a personalized approach to counseling. During sessions, I will listen to you closely while addressing your questions and concerns in a non-judgmental, positive, and supportive manner. Finding insight and clarity in the areas of your life where you are seeking answers has never been easier.

Mission Statement

I aim to assist you with interpersonal relationships, personal or professional. As a relationship counselor, I provide advice related to love, romance, marriage, and divorce. I also give advice related to career choices, team building, and office dynamics. You are my priority!