About Daija

A Spiritual Counselor, Astrologer and Advisor You Can Trust

When it comes to relationship issues and other concerns, Daija has you covered. As a Christian astrologer and relationship advisor, I leverage my more than 30 years of experience in providing results-oriented guidance for my clients. My education, training, and experience cover all areas of human interaction, including romantic, personal, and professional situations.

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A Glimpse Into My Career

Throughout my 30-year career as an interpersonal coach, I have become a renowned name in my field. I have been a five-star top-rated advisor on the Keen Advisor Network (keen.com) since 2001. I have also worked with Psychic Readers Networks for five years during the late 1980s. Aside from this, I was an advisor on ASTRONET as “Daija” and California Psychics as “Chanel” for five years as well.