Is She/He The One?


Is He/She The One? How Do We Know For Sure?

September 27, 2013

For some reason, we tend to seek for a rational answer for things that have nothing to do with logic.

Questions like:  “Am I really in love?”, or “Is he/she the right person for me”?-  would be almost impossible to be answered from the mind when they involve the heart.

So, why don´t we focus on how we feel instead on what we think? So many ever-lasting couples would have never gotten together if they were listening to their minds, simply because the other one didn’t seem the adequate candidate or didn´t fulfill the “requirements” that society, prejudices or thoughts indicated he/she should have. Instead, let the heart give you the answer. 

If you close your eyes, let your emotions emerge and experience that embracing feeling that the person is just what you want, what you need, what makes you happy, what will make you happy…If you feel so, then he/she is the right one! Will it last forever? You can never tell, but you will be sure that as long as it lasts, you will be living it as if it were an eternal love. Dare yourself live love from the heart!

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