Does your Man make your Smile?


Does he make you smile?

September 27, 2013

Does it seem an unsubstantial question to you? Well, it isn´t. Think about it…A happy life is made of the sum of happy moments and smiles and laughter are the ways in which we express the emotions called “happiness”  or “joy”. So, is there a better way to evaluate how happy he can make you than realizing if he really makes you smile? Sometimes smiles may be a result of sweet emotions or of funny moments, good humor, and no matter what, someone that makes you smile, makes you take the most of all moments. Life is not for granted, so taking most advantage of every minute of it implies choosing a life-partner that allows us and makes us living it with happiness, joy and plenitude. Then, if he makes you smile, he is really worthy sharing your precious life with you! Bad moments may come, will probably come, but you will better face them with someone that put´s a smile on your face and heart!

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