Does your Girlfriend make you Feel Good about Yourself?


Does She Make You Feel Good About Yourself?

September 27, 2013

Loving someone has much to do with how you feel while you are with the other one, but something that some people tend to underestimate is thinking of how the other makes you feel about yourself. That applies for both genders, but we cannot oversee how important it is especially for men. All men need to feel loved, admired and needed. They need to feel they are the Alpha males in some point. So, does she make you feel you are unique? Does she make you realize you are needed? Self-esteem is basics for  you to live happier and mentally healthy and strong, so if the woman by your side makes you feel you are not worthy, that your efforts mean nothing, that you have no outstanding attributes, she is mining it and at the end, you will not only reject her but yourself too.

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