Sending Sexy Pics… Should I or NOT?


My Boyfriend/Girlfriend Wants Sexy Pics Of Me, Are They Safe To Send By Cell Phone?

It is so common and natural hearing from our boyfriends/girlfriends to send them a sexy picture for them to delight their eyes and keep the flame of desire burning even when we are not present at their sides for any reason. And yes, they do help to keep and build lover´s complicity and arousal.

 But how safe it is to send them?  I suggest doing that only if your relationship is a long-term one, and when you are totally confident in your partner´s integrity to protect your intimacy.

Many broken couples end up exposing their exes’ hot pics on the net as revenge from having had a broken heart, so carefully evaluate the solidity of the relationship and that of your lover. And, if your loved one uses to let somebody else answer his/her phone calls or messages or keeps forgetting the cell in the office, or anywhere  every now and then, then absolutely don´t, unless you want to become a popular sex model!  But if you do, please check you are not clicking on the wrong name of your contacts list!

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