Weekend Update: Living Above Your Circumstances


Greetings – Friday – May 22nd., 2009
With the Sun in Mercury & Moon in harmonic aspect to Pluto, there is
certainly a feeling of inner security. You’re connected to your sense of self
and your self confidence soars. It is today that you know you have the strength & ability
to successfully deal with just about any challenge you encounter.

The Emotional depth and intensity of circumstances around you will continue throughout the day & into tomorrow, yet, you will have an utter sense of self imposed well-being & control. It’s apparent that you are learning from the great work ‘inner’ work that you are doing—when in the midst of great storms going on around you, that you are able to remain balanced, centered, and living above your circumstances. AND for those of you who are not handling situations well that are going on around you—-then you will know that you need to do some ‘inner work’, and to begin this process ‘now’. Actually, Mercury retrograde is a good time to get in touch with yourself by choosing a more positive inner dialogue, ‘how’ you communicate with yourself, is of the utmost importance, and it’s the perfect time to begin any kind of self improvement or ‘healing’ from past wounds, now.

Your Intuitive insight into people now is definitely a gift. You will support and aid close friends & family, in need, and likely to have a super soft spot for children. This tendency may attract you toward working with people in a very unique way today & this weekend, where your role as a problem solver will be appreciated & rewarded.

Close personal ‘romantic’ relationships can be complicated today, yet, remember ‘Communication’ and ‘not so much’ about how that person is communicating with you, but more about how you are perceiving their communication, and how you reciprocate. Make it your business to step up and say what you need to say, or desire to say, and do so nicely, kindly and compassionately. Doing so will spawn negotiations that will enhance your existing or get the party started with someone new!

Enjoy… after all it’s a US Holiday Weekend, ‘Remembering’ how fortunate we are to live in a place where we can ‘do’ and/or ‘create’ just about anything we truly desire. And what better time than right now, than to set the stage for perhaps one of the best & most fortunate weekends in May!

I am on today, Friday, until 2pm., pacific and then again
this evening between 7pm & 10pm.. pacific.

The Venus connection today is about ‘giving’ & ‘receiving’ emotionally.
Give ‘what you desire to receive’. Truly, it’s that simple.

Blessings & love,
Daija ext. 32452

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