Juggling Your Actions with your Mind: Decisions…Decisions!


Greetings -Thursday – May 21st., 2009
Sound too good to be true? It probably is! Communication complications today as we are still dealing with, actually pampering Mercury Retrograde. People may have come and go during this Mercury Retro — yet, you will find that just when someone appears to be ‘MIA’ they suddenly show up…just after Mercury goes Direct on May 30th. And if it’s a potential lover that is currently ‘MIA’… you can count on this occurring. So careful about just ‘how many’ you are romancing right now, as it’s likely they’ll all ‘SHOW’…with perhaps Place & Win… in the end, where you’ll be juggling ‘three’ by mid June and have heavy decisions to make.

Oh but what fun to have so many irons in the fire, ‘eh? I mean things could get totally fun… just keep it platonic, and that means—well, you know what that means, no mattress ball events until you narrow it down to ‘ONE’… and that of course, truly means, THE ONE… the one whom you’ll dance between the sheets as well as down the aisle to the alter!

This is a lively day filled with explicit bantering that will allow you to know that what you’ve got brewing is most definitely Fuel for the Soul. Your attitude today is light, airy, fresh and breezy. You feel better, actually good, today considering this week has been laden with heavy ‘thinking’ bewitching tales and perhaps quite moody until today when you suddenly feel ‘set free’, ready to enjoy a proposed fantasy, that could actually be a ‘real dream come true’.

Yes, the communication and connections now, are exactly what ‘real dreams’ are made of and well, need I say more? Grab your bags and head out that door, the world is waiting for your immediate exploration!

This is a holiday weekend we’re approaching, the fun actually begins late this evening. You rev your engines and kick it all into gear. Someone is about to get all close & comfy & oh yeah, very very ‘Near’. Memorial Day cheer brings about a particular encounter that will surely add much to your magical celebration. And you can count on the continued momentum blessed upon you, as you enjoy your grandiose, filled with excitement good year!

I am on today, Thursday, between 9am & 2pm., pacific &
then again this evening, between 7pm & 10pm., pacific.

Have fun… give me a call today, and let’s see how this awesome Memorial Day is about to unfold for you! A great time this weekend, and it begins NOW!! 🙂

Love & blessings,
Daija ext. 32452

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