Celebrate The Sun In Gemini — Happy Birthday Winged Friends!


Greetings – Wednesday – May 20th., 2009
Happy Birthday Gemini!!
The Sun dashes into Gemini Today awakening spirits & wildly ready to play! Let’s go says Winged Mercury to Neurotic Neptune & Jolly Jupiter, kicking up the cosmic dust. Raging Ram Aries Moon… embrace all three titan energies, harnessing this lively crew with many challenges today. No set backs, mind you, just a wicked sand trap or two, & an interesting albeit entertaining obstacle course for the Three Cosmigos as they dance their day away & into the nite tantalizing, or perhaps tormenting the heavenly skies during their nebulous expansive flight. Do we feel this magnetic energy? But of course, and Ooh does it feel ‘soooo’ good!

Part of being ALIVE is feeling the magical chill of a roller coaster thrill thru life during the Sun’s power flight in Gemini, and whoa in Retrograde it’s even better! Imagine you’re on top of the highest roller coaster in the universe, and suddenly you STOP… Frozen in Flight on your Cosmic Roller Coaster Ride… click, click, click… now you feel the ‘reverse’ kick in, slowly you begin to be pulled backward, for a moment it feels ok… but then suddenly you’re wisked into ‘future past’ … the thrill now is reliving what you just went thru, briskly, you get a glimpse or two about what you ‘went thru’ and ‘what you missed’… and it’s always about ‘what we missed’ that we regret not trying or perhaps never having—-most certainly not about what we enjoyed, or even endured, or perhaps survived. Because the latter we learned from, developed character and grew by leaps & bounds. But it’s those moments when we ‘could have’ but ‘Didn’t’… for one reason or another, we ‘said’ NO vs. YES…and for many of us, that “NO” … is what we now perhaps regret we didn’t experience at sometime in our past.

So today while we are given our wings to fly… Go with your TinkerBelle or Peterpan into the Bright Blue Sky. Live the moments together you thought you missed.  Whether flying solo or choosing a dual ride, make this a special time and say “YES” to all those things in life, that up to now, perhaps you didn’t do or even take the chance? “Do it Now” either alone or ‘with’ but make the decision to live your life happily & to the fullest… & always to your heart’s content!

I am on today, Wednesday, between 9am & 4pm., pacific ONLY!

Enjoy your day, have fun & be Safe!!

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