Attracting & Entertaining the Interesting & Bizarre


Greetings – Tuesday – May 19th., 2009
Today is all about the Fiery ARIES Moon!
It’s likely that today you’ll look for the unusual, bizarre & most exciting
& entertaining side of life or people in your life. If you’ve been classified as such by a particular admirer, and been waiting for their call, text or email, check your box & VM today, you’ll get the call! Because today is all about experiencing something unique, different, bizarre and ‘FUN’… frivolity does come to mind, but in a deep passionate way.

We won’t find it difficult to be attracted to the unique, intrigued by the Moon, Mercury & Sun configuration, & what you are normally ‘not attracted to’ will definitely pique your interest, almost as if a switch was flipped. You will find yourself keenly aware of a need to let go of all presumption, prejudice & past influences of the straight & narrow allowing yourself to just fall magically, passionately head over heals in love. This person will be someone much different than you’d normally choose. It’s as if your intimate desires & relationship/romantic choices have SUDDENLY changed. You seek out that person whom you’ve perhaps said, Uh, nah… just days or weeks ago… returning to them full throttle.

The Aries Moon will demand the experience of intense emotions; and Uranus will expect fascinating and excitement to bewitch the mind. The problem is finding both evoked by one partner, (that can happen today) yet, in the long run not fading away with familiarity, or soon you will be looking for someone new. In other words that ‘FLAME’ started today can be kept burning with the right amount of personal chemistry creating the perfect balance of coupled Synergy.

Fortunately, your emotions today will work in tandem with our ideas where a positive attitude will assist optimistic plans, and you’ll be quite productive. This emotional and mental accord minimizes distracting inner conflicts and enables problem solving & resolution to be achieved more smoothly.

Today is quite good actually, for seeking favors from those in high positions, titled or influential people, as well as should you consider short journey, personal & professional change, new & interesting friendships and advancement in all your projects today. Keep in mind however that we are still within the parameters of Mercury Retrograde, therefore, ponder, consider, ask and negotiate. “Don’t sign” anything binding just yet. 🙂

I am available today, Tuesday, between 9am & 1pm., pacific & then
again this evening between 7pm & 10pm., pacific.

Enjoy this day of ‘fantasy driving energy’…make things happen in a way that will bring a smile, cheer you up & entertain your inner passionate desires and longing for ‘love’. You could truly enjoy yourself today by living in the moment & being ‘totally there’ with yourself first as well as with that one special someone whom you know you love & loves you too!

Blessings & Love,
Daija ext 32452

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