Are you Positive or Negative? You Decide…


Greetings – Monday – May 18th., 2009
Who are you & what do you think? Our Identity & intellect
is affected today by the Sun (power) & Mercury (communication)
representing the absolute power in all that we say and whom we
believe ‘ourselves to be’.

Avoid letting feelings of doubt & despair penetrate your mind today. What we believe, think & do TODAY in the NEGATIVE will most certainly have a long term less than favorable effect on our psyche. Rather look at yourself and what you do and what you believe in today with a strong, positive attitude that will bring about solidity of plans, as well as all that you are doing, thinking about and dreaming about into fruition, & sooner than you might have ever thought (before today) possible!

This positive thinking is also applicable to that one special person whose been on your mind lately, and whom you ‘just’ know is Mr/Ms ONEderful.  Yeah, you know ‘The One’! The clarity you are able to recognize today will lead you toward fulfilling your lifetime goals—in whatever area of life you desire to bring into focus. From experience we can attest to how the law of physics, an authentic scientific application, is an absolute in the realm of our reality. What comes to pass with clarity, desire, & focus, is what presents as a REAL DREAM COME TRUE!

Many of us have clarity in the negative. Most of you reading this you are saying, “Oh, I am not negative” … well, think again. From an early age, unless our parents were highly conscious of positive thinking patterns and ‘positive speech patterns’ it is highly likely that you were conditioned to ‘think’ & ‘speak’ from a negative perspective. How many times have you framed a thought like this when speaking to your child or to another adult: Don’t forget to bring your jacket. Or Don’t forget to feed the dog, Or Don’t forget to Call me!! And one of my favorites is:
Why don’t you ever…

People that last statement—anyone will eventually turn a deaf ear to. Rather ask ‘directly’ for what you want from the other person—-and in a way that is kind, compassionate, considerate & loving. I guarantee that if it is behavior modification you are seeking, that you will begin to see positive changes, nearly immediately.

Let’s alter these sentences and construct them in the positive.

  • Please remember to bring your jacket.
  • Please Remember feed the dog, today.
  • I love hearing your voice, & enjoy talking with you when you call me during your busy day.
  • Using “Please Remember” will generate a Positive Result.

I am available today, Monday, between 9am & 2pm., pacific &
then again this evening, between 7pm & 10pm., pacific.

Call me today & Let’s talk about how you ‘ask’ for things, and on what or whom you are focused on in your life. Your clarity will manifest your clear desire in order to achieve your greatest dreams… allowing them all to come true, and nearly magically for you soon!

Enjoy your productive & prosperous Monday!
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