A Cosmic Path to Healing, Prosperity, Abundance & Joy


Greetings – Saturday – May 23rd., 2009
This is a huge day in the cosmos. JUPITER joins Chiron for the first time since 1990.
Note on your calendars that this configuration also occurs on July 22nd and Dec. 7th., this year. Jupiter is our planet of abundance—it’s expansive and will bring about growth. Whether it is personal, professional or romantic growth and abundance, this particular cosmic push/pull enables something ‘BIG’ in our lives to occur, that will be profound, enlightening and beneficial.

Chiron is considered ‘the wounded healer’ archetypically speaking, and will enable ‘Jupiter’ to expand our healing in particular areas of our lives where we need it most. As in all cases with healing—this means that we must ‘feel’ our pain, in order to ‘deal’ with our pain, and then of course, ‘heal’ —- experience emotional healing in a way that will lead us into a more propserous, abundant, and joyful life & lifestyle.

Where does Jupiter & Chiron station in your natal chart? It’s good to take a look at that because chances are you will experience an emotional overload this weekend regarding an area where you definitely need emotional healing. Call me and let’s look together, to learn where you are blocked by the past, enabling you to move forward into something better, healthier and happier for you.

Due to the close connection today and tomorrow with Neptune, you can add mustard seed faith to your healing recipe, that will ultimately guarantee that even just a tad bit of understanding & faith will release your block, allowing you to move forward in ways that perhaps you’ve only dreamed about. You truly are not ‘STUCK’… you just feel stuck. Being and feeling are definitely different. One is real, and the other is self imposed based on belief, rather than reality. Therefore, whether  you arestuck in matters of the heart, in love, or
relationally, spiritually, financially, academically,romantically, professionally, psychologically, economically, strategically, legally, or whatever way you know or feel that you are, then
let’s talk openly and honestly about where you are and how to ‘MOVE’ from where you are to FREEDOM between now and July 22nd.

Today you begin healing in its first phase. July 22nd, will begin the second
or maintanence phase of your healing plan to prosper, and Dec 7th will be the final phase where you will be involved in or actually working toward absolute freedom in the areas where you experience the greatest blocks or setbacks. It all begins ‘today’.

I am on today, Saturday, until 4pm., pacific, ONLY!

Blessings & love, Daija ext 32452

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