A New Moon Love Triangle — Dreams do come true!


Greetings – Sunday – May 24th., 2009 MAKE YOUR New Moon WISH — The Biggest Ever… you will watch your dreams. desires & fantasies, simply manifest over the next 15 days, right before your eyes!

Today’s Gemini New Moon is atypical & oh so beneficial due to being rarely aspected in a ‘three-way’ with Jupiter, Chiron & Neptune. Jupiter & Neptune conjunct every 12-13 yrs., Jupiter & Chiron every 13-20 yrs.; Chiron & Neptune every 57-80 yrs., And what does all this mean to us today & this coming week ahead?

Think… An abundance (Jupiter) of expressed (Gemini-Mercury) Emotion (Moon) that ultimately leads to Kissing & making up, &/or turning a relationship or romance, (Neptune) or what you believed to be a romantic dream or fantasy into your reality!

Does it get any better than this? Not today, tomorrow or Tuesday… as what you truly desire, if you’re willing to let go of fear and just put yourself ‘Out There’ verbally ‘near’ the heart, head, & soul of the person whom you know—-loves you too… then watch how suddenly romantically giddy, or perhaps even suddenly sensually silly the next two days become, with your particular special someone.

Even the next several weeks are greatly and abundantly
affected by this New Moon configuration taking us happily
dancing a duo into mid June. Words of affirmation are
generously reciprocated. How we ‘interact’ definitely has
an incredible boomerang effect.

The tugging heartstrings push & pull with fiery excitement.
Could you be the ‘enchanted couple’? Bombs burst with the
familiar feelings of perhaps only the kind of love we’ve dreamed
of. Is it too good to be true? What we experience & express
today and thru-out the next 15 days or so soothes our heart,
massaging our psyche, letting us know that we are truly
loved. As the flames of passionate desire seed our dreams 
establishing a better, happier way to live love & enjoy our
greatest blessings in life Expressed Mutual Love. It truly does not
get any better than this! 🙂

I am on today, Sunday, between 8am & 1pm., pacific & then
again this evening between 7pm & 10pm., pacific.

Enjoy your day… & evening, Go have fun & in the midst of your enjoyment, ‘let someone know’ that you truly love them. Express “love” in all that you do, say & act upon today. And do so in a non-threatening way that expresses & enhances the joy, love & special feelings you have in your heart for them. Yeah, sometimes it’s scary to release these intimate feelings, yet, if someone feels same about you, wouldn’t you also want to know, regardless? We all enjoy being loved. Yes, it may be scary to open up to someone & just follow your heart… but remember we live to give & ‘express’ love. That is… what Life is all about. ~

Love & Blessings,
Daija ext 32452

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