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Greetings – Thursday – February 26th, 2009
Key word today is to S-L-O-W down and refrain from
forcing issues that are not ripe for action. It’s time to rethink
your words before striking out, or back at ‘someone close to you’. You could find yourself in a whirlwind of emotion that could create havoc in your closest most personal relationships, and especially so, with those whom you are romantically involved. 

At the same time —take time to apply some deep thought, with kindness, compassion and tenderness in all outward expressions. Doing so will enable the other party to at least ‘hear’ you and listen, with forgiveness and receptivity.

Either way you choose to communicate today, it will be an incredibly active day of ‘real’ decision making that will alter the rest of your life. There is no way to make ‘something’ out of nothing.
Both people must be willing to give, in order to receive.

Are you willing to give in areas that are perhaps uncomfortable for you? Not that ‘you must’ compromise your happiness for anyone, but make sure that when making a compromise — that your relational compromise must be limited as well as exercised in the daily operations of your relationship where in compromising logistics is how two people coexist comfortably.

However, make sure that in all your relationships that you never ever compromise your morals, values and principles. Doing so will cause you to pay a price that is much more than you can afford, and absolutely will not allow you to be content, peaceful and happy.

I will be on today, Thursday, between 9am & 2pm., pacific ONLY.
Enjoy your day and evening and remember 
“When Your Heart Decides your Destination, then your Mind Will Design The Map To Reach It.”…
Call me and let’s take a look at the path you’re on and the journey you’re creating.

Blessings and love,
Daija ext 32452

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