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Monday, Feb., 23rd., 2009
Today you’ll open the heart of someone close to you, and in a way that perhaps you’ve never done before. With Mercury, the ruler of communication, depending on ‘what house’ Mercury rules in your chart as well as where ‘Mercury’ sits today — specifically in your chart will determine whether that person whom you impact is a professional colleague, personal friend, or romantic partner, or potential partner, or perhaps a parent, spouse or child.

The bottom line is this, today is about making a difference by what you “say” … and how you say ‘it’. Fortunately, there is global planetary impact today insofar as communication, and your wisdom regarding life, love and the pursuit to happiness will ensure that your words do have impact in one way or another.  People are receptive to you, in one specific area or another.

Today, especially, make sure that what you say will bestow ‘wisdom’ fostering favor vs. discord, for all concerned. When you choose to speak with kindness, compassion & consideration, you will enlighten those around you. Think before you speak, recognizing that it’s important that when you do speak that you create harmony with your words and tone of your voice. This is also applicable via the written word. We all have a voice in our writing, and today your voice will make a difference.

We all desire to know the events of our future—at least as it pertains to romance, career, academics, family, relocation, etc. And I’m no different, I too, desire to know what my future holds for me. One thing that I’ve learned over the years is that the true secret of our future is hidden in our daily routine.

Look at your routine today, and I am serious, look at this carefully today & this week. And not only your actions, as you go about your day, but your emotions and your ‘self talk’ as you carry out your daily routine. What matters to you most will appear in your daily activities and general over all routine. When ‘that’ —whatever that is, is looked at carefully, you will see your future, clearly.

Call me and let’s take a close look at this together. It’s time to make your routine work better for you, enabling success at the degree and level you desire.

I am on today, Monday, between 9am & 1pm., pacific, and then again this evening between 7pm & 9pm., pacific. Give me a call and let’s talk about your present & peer into your future.

Blessings and love,
Daija ext 32452

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