Weekly Stellar Scopes Friday Feb 20th thru Thurs Feb 26th, 2009 A week of Decisions!


Moving closer to your goals is the overall theme for this week. A strategy, plan and much communication is what will give you the confidence to pursue your greatest dreams, and even make them come true. Neptune works favorably with Mars this week to enable a great mix of imagination/fantasy with practical activity. You are about to make a new friend, someone who will support you in your efforts to persuade someone close to you to ‘see’ things a bit more ‘your way’. And for one reason, because this time, you are ‘right’. Considering a new residence? Property connections this week enable you to have options with a new purchase. Whether for rental, supplemental income or for personal use, you’ll grab this deal and run with it. Financially you are moving closer to being in the deep end of the pool with the ‘big guys’…this is not a get rich quick scheme. This is about a steady flow and increase, and it’s about your reality, yeah, the Big Time with the big bucks!

Flirtations and exotic romance shadow your ability to concentrate when someone you just meet, moves you in the most erotic way. You are “ON” this week and oh so much in demand. There are many opportunities that go along with this influence, especially a new blossoming relationship that will grab you, Hook, Line and Sinker! Your time may be stretched, and your energy aroused but the bottom line is that you are elated about all that is going on personally. Professionally you may not be overly interested about anything that is going on this week, as things in the workplace remain somewhat status quo insofar as you’re concerned. This changes drastically at month’s end, so just keep an open eye for career opportunities. Parents and children nearly become over bearing, so schedule your time accordingly to accommodate the needs of those whom you love and are responsible to. But the bottom line, is enjoy the attention you’re getting, it will result in romantic favor.

Feeling out of sorts? This won’t last long. Suddenly today, midday you ‘feel energized’ alive and ready for action. And the best part about this, is that you feel great this weekend and into next week, more energetic and settled, but adventurous. Your cash flow increases, and you enjoy an extended budget. Your checkbook get a boost, shopping is fun and you find captivating bargains. Shopping and enjoying casual interactions with friends always helps you to feel better with the weekend coming up—there is a lot to do and you’ll fly thru it with extra time, and ‘money’ to enjoy & have fun with. During the week, your friends could become rather demanding —-don’t allow this to cause you emotional burden. You’ll proffer alternate solutions, and things will work out well. Those who have a difficult time taking ‘No’ for an answer, could irritate you, don’t allow this. Plan ahead, schedule your time wisely and do not neglect your needs, and you’ll avoid any friendship faux pas.

You’re quite clear about where you are and what you’re doing, the challenge this week is having the patience to go thru all the detail and communication needed in order to change the dynamic of your already ‘good’ relationships, making them ‘GREAT’. Now the best part of this is that it’s a win-win situation and one that will bring about truly substantial stimulating conversation and communication that will enable you to change things in a positive way. You are better able this week to put everything out on the table so that you can discuss it freely with the one you love and you make a commitment. Your relationships, all of them both personal and professional, and always of course, romantic, will benefit and in the best ways. This is a great money time. Your opportunities are vast. If you are considering relocation, buy more property, it’s time. You will benefit in a way that money would never again be a challenge for you, but come easily for you and abundantly.

Changes and challenges are the focus for this week. You will move thru them successfully, however, your great patience is needed, and you must prepare for
time delays, accordingly. You are about to enjoy one of the most intoxicating opposite sex exchanges, that could lead you into a brand new relationship, almost
immediately. But remember there are no accidents, and that you are challenged by this new person in a way that makes you consider ‘straying’ or ‘staying’ then it’s time to truly think about things and reconsider your options. Ask yourself if you are happy, and content and if this relationship makes you feel good about yourself. If the answer is yes, then go for it. But any doubt at all, then be still and ‘reconsider’ your options. You could be a tad bit irritable this week because you are faced with having to make a huge career decision. Don’t worry, again just look at the detail around the benefits and the disadvantages. A gift is delivered. And your decisions are wise.

Energetic as usual, it’s time to use your energy wisely. Shhhh, stop and listen. Sometimes Mercury (your planetary ruler) gets in the way of your ability to ‘listen’ as well as you speak and ‘teach’ or at least attempt to teach or preach to everyone around you. We teach what we need to learn most and this is your motto this week.
So listen carefully to your self talk…or the talk that you give to others. Compassion often time is all that is needed for you to apply to whatever situation you are dealing with, especially those situations that involve people close to you. A wild ride of passion illuminates your world this week in just about every area, you are geared up and ready to ‘go’… but where are you going? PLAN my dear broken winged friends. You are grounded and it’s time to use your grounding energy to focus
on what matters to you, and not so much on your problems. Forget the problems and focus on the solution, you will have a ‘clearer’ picture of what needs to happen.

So you are considering an affair? Well, reconsider before you get in to deep. You are likely to be exposed — unbeknownst to you initially, this could become quite embarrassing. There will be a heavy burden to deal with should you venture out into this territory. Time now to remember your morals, values and principles, and what it is that truly makes you happy. And doing something that is deceptive will create great burden and emotional wounds that you will inevitably deal with. Don’t make the mistake of delaying the inevitable. Take care of business now, especially romantically speaking. Make sure that you have your ducks in a row and all previous matters of the heart, or relationships ended prior to beginning a new one. Doing so will enable you to enjoy yourself and have fun without burden, conflict and deepen your new relationship in a way that will foster harmony, love and real joy for all involved. Buying a new car or considering doing so, it’s time and you’ll get a good deal.

Your business life and your love life is about to go thru big changes. What is it that you truly want? There are many things going on in your life right now that will bring about serious opportunity, as well as broaden your view of all that the world has to offer. Clarity is KEY to a more enjoyable and practical abundant life. But how do you obtain that clarity? A spiritual guide or guru, mentor or coach will enable you to apply a better and more beneficial course of action that will ultimately secure your destiny in reaching your goals. It’s the journey right now that could be difficult for you to trust, or believe in wholeheartedly. But you will manage to put things in perspective by early next week, and take the plunge in the right and most wise direction. Your family is important to you, and you are open with them, but they could become rather critical now, so best to be silent about your plans unless you are prepared for opposition. You will have to support your efforts, actions and decisions.

A bumpy road in the realm of relationships could lead to you feeling compromised much more than you really desire to be. Take the bull by the horns and make this time work ‘well’ and increasingly productive for you. Fresh starts lead you to knowing that you are driving this vehicle called ‘life’ and that your choices, decisions and happiness is certainly ‘about making your dreams come true’ by how you plan and the strategies of daily operations in your life. Love is illogical. Relationship is only logical. Therefore, relationship is about ‘actions’ where as love is about what and all that you will experience via your actions. It truly is that simple, and you needn’t fear getting your party started, you’ll be so happy you took the plunge, and the return on your investment will be quite liberating & lucrative. Challenges in communication have more to do with how you are perceiving someone vs. what is actually being conveyed. Ask for clarification. You will be given a secret message that says it all. 

You are quite persuasive this week, recognizing that the people in your life now, play a huge integral role for your long term happiness. Because a new relationship fits you much better than perhaps attempting to rekindle ‘the past’ with your ex., it’s this week that you welcome in the new, releasing the old, worn out, out dated relations of the past. You have moved on emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and consciously, so leave behind what ‘once way’ allowing what you truly desire to take precedence in your life. Everyone wants a piece of you today, this week and into month’s end. You’ll be happy you handled things the way you did, and how you are currently doing them. Life booms with excitement as the week rolls forward and you feel better than perhaps you’ve ever felt. Money could cause you a tad bit of concern, but only from an investment stand point. You’re clear to do as you wish, go where you desire, benefiting from those who are in your circle this week. Enjoy!

No time like the present to make decisions about property, updating your wardrobe and making improvements on your home or in your life, period! You have the gift of abundance in just about every area of your life, and expansion, updating, improvements and money making projects all delight you to no end. Relationally you may experience some fluctuation in mood from your spouse or lover. Avoid letting this rub you the wrong way. Everyone has moodiness at times. Rest assured that this is not about you, but all about them, so let them be. But do make yourself available to talk, and be there for ‘them’ emotionally. You benefit this week in career projects that you’ve brought to fruition and receive recognition for a job well done. There’s a lot happening now for you and even a possible transfer and/or promotion will be proffered to you. It’s time to consider taking this opportunity to advance your career as well as you cash flow. You’ll be happy you chose to stay. People love you.

Trying to make a decision about something important, but cannot seem to put it all into perspective in a way that fits with your agenda? Never fear, the cosmos aids you here with just the right Jupiter (abundance) and Neptune (your planetary ruler) fantasy to turn your ideas, fantasies and dreams into ‘CASH’… yes, not only reality, but “CASH”. You line up perfectly with being offered an extension, or a full time position that will allow you to feel the security you’re seeking. Although a move is possible you do have time to reconsider ‘where you would like to plant your roots’…and/or remain in same place, it will be up to you, but hey, adventure is calling, so, FLY to the Moon and back, and enjoy this highly creative actually innovative time. After all on this planet you only live once. Family and children are a huge part of your life over the next week when what you will be doing is creating a foundation for them to benefit. Start a savings plan or college fund for those little people in your life.

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