Friday Feb 27th, 2009 Love, Peace or War?


Friday, February 27th, 2009
Are you ready? Today & all thru the weekend, the cosmic
forces that prevail are just about guaranteed to bring about ‘War’ vs. ‘Peace’ within the confines of nearest and dearest personal relationships. Truly when power is exerted and with in a ‘he said – she said’ ‘shit flinging’ approach, there is never a good or healthy outcome or ‘win-win’ conclusion. And most definitely there won’t be mutually satisfying solutions found or a remedy to anything that you’ve emotionally created where a revengeful attitude prevails.

How to handle this influence in a positive way is with ‘absolute’ tenderness, and by choosing to display and project a compassionate, kind & loving heart, remaining calm and casting no judgment. Allow yourself to ‘truly experience’ what is being communicated and projected toward you—choosing to not ‘react’ but respond with love.

When we recognize where the person or people whom we love are in ‘darkness’ it is not for us to add to their despair or create more darkness around them or the situation, even when we are part of the equation. It is however, up to us to be ‘the light’ that they gravitate towards. And the only way to be ‘that Light’ is to project ‘Light’ and we do that by making a conscious choice to demonstrate ‘Love’… and please do not mistake Love with Tolerance. There is a difference. We can be and act and create LOVE —- by how we choose to communicate. Yet, at the same time be intolerant of allowing the darkness of someone else penetrate our soul and spirit, mind, heart and body.

Therefore, protect yourself by how you choose to ‘act’…and the actions that you take in how you behave. Yes, we are all human, and we make mistakes. But it is our choice to behave this way or that, and throwing fuel on a fire doesn’t put it out. Throwing Love and Compassion out into the situation and universe will indeed create a boomerang affect bringing it back to us, ‘100 fold’. This is a spiritual promise and the law of physics.

Today you will see serious absolute CHANGES… sudden changes that will cause you to look deeply into your psyche, recognizing that your choice today in how you ‘ACT’ on something will have a life long lasting affect, and either in a positive or negative way. It’s your choice. So think before you act and speak, and be sure to ‘LISTEN’…to what is actually being communicated. And reply with Love in your heart.

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Enjoy your day and evening, and upcoming weekend. Blessings & love,
–Daija ext 32452

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