A week of Benefit & Prosperity


Greetings -Tuesday – February 10th, 2009
Still in the midst of just less than a full moon,
we are heading into midweek with abundance & prosperity.

No doubt you are feeling wound tighter than a spool right now, perhaps stressed out over the emotional tides of this past weekend. At the same time, look at all you’ve been dealing with as a real opportunity for advancement, a time when you will not only achieve a great result from your prudent actions, but also the best that life has to offer in the way or ‘getting what you want’… but you must first know exactly what that is and then plan a strategy to achieve your goal.

This is a time of focus. And your focus will bring about a major benefit in the area of finances this week. Just ask and you will receive. A new job, a transfer, a promotion, a loan, or a new car or home, whatever it is, you can achieve it now. Eclipses always bring about ‘great change’ and the chance for change is now. GO for it, but be sure that what you ask for, you truly want. 🙂

I am on today between 9am & 2pm., pacific. ONLY. I will not be available this evening or tomorrow morning, Wednesday. Give me a call and let’s look at what changes are happening now for you, and how you can achieve a better result or out come just by recreating a new plan that is best for you, right now.

Enjoy this beneficial week, take advantage of your opportunities. There are many! Blessings, Daija ext 32452

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