Weekly Stellar Scopes Friday Feb 13th thru Thurs Feb 19th, 2009 A week of Passion!


Hot topics of conversation heat up as sweethearts day has arrived. Passionate interactions with extra charm, grace and style prevail. You are about to examine under a microscope the tender passions of everything love has to offer. Yes, your flame is burning hot, but this isn’t about sex, it’s all about passion. What you enjoy now ‘about yourself’ tells you a lot about how others may see you. Significant ties bring you to your knees revealing love to you in the most enticing and exciting ways. A new more sophisticated approach to life, love and happiness awaits you. Those burning desires are quenched as you drench yourself in a dreamy state of bliss, just imagining your next encounter with the one who truly does, Light your Fire!

Tender moments, shared intimacy, above all you are feeling happy inside and good about yourself. There is no need to think anything but happy thoughts now, and where you are is truly ‘Happy’. Your life moves with the ebb and flow of feeling better than perhaps you’ve ever felt, and you know
that where you are is exactly where you’re supposed to be. Moments of lust, sensuality and enjoying the creature comforts of indulgence become your natural state of bliss this week. Your lover is doting on you and vice versa. The easy tender moments that you so enjoy tend to linger for days on end as you envelop yourself in feelings of love. And well, when you give love, that is exactly what you get, only 20 times more than you give!

Movement, change and the desire to pursue your dreams, making them happen this week, is no longer a mere dream, but becomes your reality.
Where you are now is about YOU, although you may think it has more to do with someone or something else. It doesn’t it has only to do with you,
and your desire to live your best blessed life. The seasons now run together, becoming one continuous season of summer. You body melts into your environment in a way that will only bring about a great feeling of relaxation, contentment and focus. You’re better able to deal with your life and your lifestyle and environment is better suited for you. Love is with you and around you. The romantic kind is there, but this is a spiritual revelation. 

You are so close to real changes, if you’d just allow yourself to freefall, your life will suddenly become magical. This week you are less burdened by stressful areas of daily operations, and you become more inclined to enjoy the special hidden meaning in your everyday life. Your critical eye can serve you well by allowing to ‘see’ more into a particular situation and how it appeals to you whether positive or negative. You are quite concerned about someone in your life now whom you love, and who also loves you, and you think about them daily, perhaps hourly. A commitment is likely, as you’ve considered your options, realizing that this is real love, and you are prepared to seal the deal. Movement now and changes in your life are more constructive, and suddenly you feel more blessed and happy than ever before.

Not enough love in your life? Feeling a bit lonely, perturbed, perplexed? Chances are you are concerned about something that you have little or no control over. Children and friends need your support now, and you are needing theirs. This week you will be able to lean and depend on each other in a way that will prove valuable to all. You are happy that there is someone closer to you than they once were, a renewed friendship allows you to feel more safe and secure within yourself. You are sure to enjoy laughter this weekend as you approach the end of a era of time and a new season prevails.You are well aware that these last several years were not the happiest of times, and you learned a lot. Family and friends help you in some special way and you are better able to see much more clearly what you need to do and why!

Is there anything significant to your life now that perhaps was not ‘so’ just several months back? Albeit quite unusual for you, making decisions with impulsive idealism could very well create more havoc in your life than perhaps you bargained. Slow down to a snails pace this weekend as you prepare yourself for the week ahead. Valentine’s day creates a stir in your romance sector as you move thru this striking period, nearly unscathed. Then suddenly, this weekend, you are in the spotlight as life takes you on a journey beyond your wildest dreams. Someone from you past reenters your life is some specific way, and you are intrigued. There is nothing wrong with reconnecting with familiar faces, so long as the connection is appropriate for the circumstances. You may be tempted, but you won’t go there!

There is no time like the present to bury the hatchet and begin rebuilding the most important relationships in your life. You are ahead of the game this weekend with a fury of people seeking your time, attention and affections. Bide your time and be gratuitous for the love and warmth directed to you, feeling fortunate for having people around you who truly care about you. Where you begin anew, a new love is awaiting you. Whether it is a romantic time this weekend brings, or just casual fun with family and friends, you’ll know you are blessed, and so incredibly loved, than perhaps you ever thought possible. This Valentine’s day you are thankful for what you have, and especially for the special and perhaps precious gift that someone blesses you with, and together you both sit down and cry — good happy tears together.

Does the word ‘no’ irritate you? Have you been suckered into something that you know full well is not your cup of tea? Do the other people with whom you work and interact with regularly, see whom you truly are and how difficult they may be making your life by the constant attention they need? It’s time to back off and learn to say ‘NO’ and take a long look at yourself to examine in detail, why you are where you are. Whom do you work and live and play & enjoy life with? This is lover’s day weekend; are you sure you know this other person sitting next to you is the person you truly love? Is life taking you on a journey of soul searching? This weekend you may find the love of your life by enjoying an impromptu casual meeting, or you may attend a social or work function where Mr/Ms Lucky finds you! Prepare!!

Take a moment and breathe! Feeling a bit down, burdened by unusual prevailing circumstances, and perhaps you’re even feeling unloved? Stop for a brief moment to look at the opportunities associated during this trying time. It’s a romantic weekend yes and even though you may not have someone sitting close to you right now, think about ‘why’ that is and perhaps you’ll realize that it is because this tine now is designed for you to dive deep into your psyche. You can better get a grip on things when you turn inward this week, as the love you are perhaps missing is ‘self’ love. A new perspective awaits you as the weekend carries a bittersweet memory of times past when you were the object of someone’s affections. Rather look into the mirror of self reflection as you give yourself the love you desire. Make yourself happy, now!

Feeling a bit randy, affectionate and so madly, passionately in love that you can’t imagine what has got into you? LOVESTRUCK or Love stuck? Whatever you desire to call it, ‘it’ feels quite good actually. You dash around dazzling the hearts of those closest to you, and you’ve got everyone’s attention. Take a moment to relax between appointments or meetings, and even opt for a mini massage to help yourself calm and just ‘feel’ good this weekend and week ahead. Your time now has arrived and you deserve the creature comforts of a wee bit of pampering. You find a new read too, and just in the nick of time, as you must look at the information you are about to digest. Stimulating yes, but more importantly the message you get has more to do with ‘life’ and the life style you’re living. Changes occur.

Time to settle down and live life the way you choose. In love you are committed but in relationship you could be bored? Make an attempt to pursue a new perspective on where you are and why you are ‘there’. The systematic approach to life serves you well, but feeling ‘something’ is important, and that could be
one of your greatest challenges this week, getting in touch with your true feelings. Whether you are in love or just enjoying a casual relationship, something ‘big’
occurs this week that changes this scenario. You will say ‘yes’ to proposals, but only if s/he is Mr. Onederful. But then again, so often do you have the philosophy to love the one you’re with vs. wait for the one you truly love. Either way, you are reflective but also active. A huge surprise awaits you on Valentine’s day. Smile!!

Is it any wonder you are in such demand these days? Your life and lifestyle is about to change dramatically this very week ahead. Love beckons you and you take a chance. You are so incredibly happy now, and there’s so much for you to live for. Is there any wonder how life and love and the pursuit of happiness could have ever evaded or escaped you? You are thrilled by your opportunities and you even offer help to someone who needs your expertise. You have great compassion in your heart and even an understanding, spirit filled heart. Where all this love comes from now, may very well surprise you, too. But you decide to go with it and experience this grand time. All eyes on you this week as you take a project to near completion and your rewards are many, including big bucks, and a promotion. It’s Payday!

Astro Daija