A Wishful NEW MOON Wednesday


That’s right… it’s a TAURUS NEW MOON by day and swiftly Mr. Moon moves into airy Gemini tonight—-so flirty and fancy free Mr. Moon becomes and so suddenly! Make your NEW MOON wish by 3am eastern time, May 17th. Be sure to write it down, date and sign it! Then light a ‘new’ beeswax candle, colour of your choice, or to coordinate with whatever you’re wishing for… and then gently fold and say the ‘words’ AND SO IT IS… GOD’s WILL BE DONE!

Red or Pink Candle and paper for LOVE &/Or Romance Wish
White or Purple Candle and paper for Clarity &/or Discernment Wish
Blue or Green Candle and paper for Health &/or Wellness Wish
Green or Yellow Candle and paper for Career and Prosperity Wish

Then place your written wish in your WISH or PRAYER BOX. One year from today, remove your wish from your box and lite your candle. Carefully unfold your written wish… you’ll be amazed at how you’re actually living your dreams and wishes come true!!

And be sure to make a new wish during every new moon, and watch how your life begins to change and so magically beautiful and soon for you!

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