A Salute to Mom Sunday


Because you’re a Woman, you deserve only the very best. . .
Because you’re a Mother, you deserve the highest praise, love, and
honor above and beyond all the rest—-and/or above any other material or
lovely store bought gift.

It was a most beautiful Mother’s Day
drenched in loving warm sentiment honoring
Mom’s around the world most high. . .
their love we cannot deny!

Our Moms they are to be cherished, loved and remembered always as a treasured Blessed Angel of God, who carried us into the world enabling us
our physical lives.

Our Moms they give so much of themselves—-and rarely— if ever, do they utter a negative word. . . and even though so often inconvenienced, rarely ever —do we hear them sigh. . . and never, ever will you ever hear of, or witness a loving Mother who denies —her precious children’s heartfelt cry!

So today We The Children of the World Salute Our Mom, and thank her sincerely for loving us no matter where we are, what we say or what we do…although we don’t deserve your love—-we stand at attention and salute you on most High as we welcome daily your warm sweet loving arms, and gentle loving touch—-that as adults we tend to miss so much…and no matter where you are today please know that you’re loved by ALL YOUR CHILDREN so very, very much!~

Today I remember my blessed Mom, Joice, whom I love so very, very much, whose been with God for a long time now, and enjoying her pain-free peaceful eternal life, so very, very much! Cheers to you, Mom, I love and miss you soooooooooooooooooo Much!~
Happy Mother’s Day, Mom & Everyone…
Daija xo

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