A Fast Flowing Fueled Friday


STOP!!! In the name of LOVE… before you break my heart…
Baby. . .think it all over…

Remember that awesome 1965 Diana Ross & The Supremes major all time hit? Even if you’re too young to remember, you’re still likely have thought those words, or perhaps even said them to someone, at least onceif not to several since you became of dating, mating and relationship age!! 

That’s what this day reminds me of… STOP… in the name of Love. . .before you create a choice or make a decision to ‘BREAK SOMEONE’S HEART’think about it! And think about what you truly want, need and desire, and Baby think it all over! In fact, today, think very clearly about each move you make and every word you speak.

Today, there is no way to ‘take those words back’ if said —-even by accident—-what hand you play today, is the hand that will also return to haunt you for many moons, and quite soon, should you make a decision to act ruthlessly or selfishly, cruel, or unkind—-and the same is true in the reverse… what you do today that is also done with compassion, honor, glory and grace, and especially with LOVE will come back to you and shower you 100 fold.

With Uranus(Surprise) and Mercury(Communication) ideas are likely to be quite discombobulated and excessively or abundantly (Jupiter), expressed. Everything is about BIG VERBAL SURPRISES today—-so brace yourself, and prepare accordingly. And how do you prepare for surprises? Well, you don’t really—-unless you’ve done so daily, by dealing with and handling your affairs so you are ‘always prepared’ for whatever life (that which you are not in control of) throws at you.

Whatever is about to be ‘said’ to you is going to be ‘BIG BABY’ and likely to shock you either in a good way or ‘what you may perceive as a ‘negative’ way’—-but either way, it’s likely to be out of the scope of your imagination. 

YOUR EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE is virtually non-existent today and even tomorrow, too. CAUTION is necessary regardless of your ability to communicate.  Forget about your quite impressive genius level IQ or long suffering EQ.  In fact, most things that you’re planning to ‘make right’—could easily dissolve or simply ‘vanish into thin air’ —- this is more like trying to make ‘right’ could very easily disappear to your chagrin and definitely to your surprise. You’re likely to move away from trouble, either today or tomorrow, if you simply refrain from talking about or dabbling into areas of conversation that you already know leads you into battle.

Just about anything you’ve planned for either today or tomorrow could quite easily (and painfully) go awry. Plans today that are automatically changed by ‘no shows’ without explanations—-isn’t as it appears—-there’s so much more to this story. And if you’re the NO SHOWyou’ll pay your dues—early next week— for all that appears ‘easy as pie’ today and tomorrow—-is repaid to you day after tomorrow. So, shy away from ‘battles’ or from changing the status quo in an abrupt fashion—-give kind considerate explanations, and reschedule for another time. CREATING and GENERATING GOOD KARMA is what today and tomorrow is especially all about.

Today and tomorrow, sudden bursts of anger come across as a razor sharp cliche’ with guaranteed boomerang effects. You’re likely to get caught in the midst of something you are unable to rationalize, can’t justify, move out of, or make a clean break from, or save face in any way shape or form. So just face it, you’ve been caught with your hand in the cookie jar, and you must endure, suffer or enjoy the consequences for your actions, words, and deeds. If you’ve set the situation up where you must ‘suffer or endure’ your consequences, then take your medicine like a real man or a woman, realizing that it’s better off to deal with it all right now vs. dragging out the inevitable. It’s hard to hang sometimes when you’re burdened with emotional pain, suffering and great grief—- but at the same time, that is exactly what life is all about.

Creating the best Choices.
And Making the most wise Decisions.
Choices and Decisions that will serve us well. . .
and create a win-win for all involved, and where Justice is served.

And regardless sometimes, more often than not, there’s still Pain involved.
And there’s good and bad pain.

Pain, both good and bad…inevitably brings about the greatest rewards and lessons in this physical life. We are all subject to pain if we are truly physically alive. There is no other way on this earth to survive.
That said. . .

REJOICE in all things, and trust that what you are feeling and dealing with will soon bring you to the greatest place you’ve ever known, absolute true, unequivocal and unconditional ‘REAL LOVE’, the greatest gift of all!
And we all can experience this “REAL LOVE” here on earth and eternally as well, and for all!

It’s our physical human right and our choice!

So… stop in the name of LOVE…

and create the best choices, enabling you
to make the right decisions so you can experience
The greatest LOVE of all!~

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