A Thought Provoking Thursday


Hooray. . . no major planetary aspects today!! So let’s talk about something really important such as RELATIONSHIPS! What about your ‘FEELINGS’… and “WANT’s… and NEED’s and DESIRES??
How is your relationship making your feel right now? Are you happy?
Sad? Depressed? Sick? Overwhelmed? STUCK???

Do you ever feel like the relationship you’re in is driving you nuts? That you cannot even imagine how you ever decided to allow yourself to get to the ‘point’ where you are??? It’s draining just to walk in that door everyday knowing what you’re going to face before the end of the day!
It’s brutal!

You two cannot seem to pull it together. Every conversation everyday ends in a horrible argument. Just speaking kindly to one another is an arduous task. You’d rather avoid even seeing one another. But you live together, or you’re married! Nothing said to each other or attended together is ever smooth. There’s no such thing as a peaceful easy feeling anymore—-and maybe it’s been this way for years??

Nothing about your relationship with this person makes any sense to you anymore. And worse, nor can you even stop talking about it to your family and friends, and so, your relationship is driving them crazy, too. You don’t make sense to them—and your tumultuous relationship doesn’t make any sense to them either. You take a deep breath, you realize that you are at a real breaking point…suddenly, you cannot take it another day. You say to yourself, “I’ve got to get away from this vampire I’m living with—-s/he’s sucking my every last ounce of energy!”

Everyday your life-force feels as though it’s being drained—vital energy is being sucked from you, you’re more and more upset about your life and where your life is headed by having to deal with this horrendous relationship, and life sucking situation day in and day out…. slowly you’re becoming ‘LIFE-LESS’ … a sense of hopelessness sets in, you’re depressed, angry, upset, about even the smallest things. Minor daily inconveniences become MOUNTAINS in your life to deal with.

Nothing about being alive and involved with this person—-within the  framework of this ‘so called’ romantic relationship or commitment is even one bit fun, happy, loving, simple, easy, joyous, or even half-way kind, compassionate, considerate. Nor does it offer even marginal periods of identifiable contentment.

You’re DONE.
It’s OVER!
You’re OVER It!!
You’ve had enough, and you’re ready to pack your stuff and go!
You cannot take another minute of this emotionally (if not physically) abusive relationship. 

But WHY??

People, I do understand where you are—-and it’s time you make a choice to DO something about where you are—- before your situation takes over and eventually takes care of you—-and not how you’d prefer, I’m sure! Remember that LOVE FEELS GOOD. . .it doesn’t HURT!!

There is a SOLUTION to your individual unique situation and need.
That is a promise. So take the first step and call me today, let’s talk about where you are and how to move from “POINT A… to POINT B…and for you, fearlessly, and completely successfully. You’ve made the decision—-now allow me to help you take the first step toward the RIGHT ACTION, for you!

Remember this. . . If ‘a relationship is ‘not quite’… then it’s not QUITE RIGHT FOR YOU!!  ~ Call me today… let’s talk about you and your relationship.


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