Today mark your calendars people, it’s a day you’ll likely remember for many wonderful moons to come! I can still recall May 19th, 1974…shhhhhh, I’m really dating myself…but oh, it’s like it was just yesterday! It was an ultra fabulous warm spring night, just perfect for an open air concert. Which of course, regular dates at concert halls and on campus performances, was the ‘in thing’ to do because, well, there wasn’t much else to do, really! LOL No Internet, IPODS, or  Starbucks!

Concert going was an all time 70’s favorite sort of thing to do on just about any given night of the week. . .but what was so unique about this particular concert is the ‘particular band that was playing that night’ of course, and special celebration of SIU Carbondale’s class of ’74. It was a most unusually warm—for May— but perfectly beautiful dry late spring evening where 20K plus 18 to 20 something’s were all nestled together like sardines in the stadium at SIU.

It was a rather ‘long’ and quite intense introduction and when the music stopped to allow Floyd Sneed to take the floor solo he began throwing drum sticks one at a time randomly out to the fans! I was standing on my boyfriend’s shoulders so I could ‘try’ to catch one … “OH PLEASE” …and suddenly to my amazement, just as I climbed on, one was being hurled directly my way, and YES!! I caught the third DRUMSTICK from “Three DOG Night”and YES!! YES!! I still have it packed away in a box with all my antiquated school stuff! I’ve actually moved it 25 times, and to Guam and back! And no, I cannot remember another thing that happened that evening! LOL But my boyfriend then, did became my first husband, and father of my first child, Tiffanie. And the rest is history!!

Now back to today’s cosmic events!! It’s quite possible that what you’ll experience tonight is ‘frank’ albeit kind communication. Everything discussed will only allow you to enjoy yourself more, due to the reality and truth threaded throughout your discussions. You’ll truly have the best time together, doing whatever you’re doing—-and it’ll all be harmonious, and memorable!

It’s that oh so warm, delightful, and loving Cancer Moon working favorably, adding wonderful flowing romantic overtones to every conversation! Toast each other and enjoy the kind of sexy silliness that adds simple cheer to a ho hum day and perhaps perks you up a bit by adding a ‘skip in your step’ while you go on about your bubbly beautiful day.
~ Enjoy~

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