Mixed Moods Prevail: Go to your Secret Place


Greetings – Tuesday – November 17th., 2009
I am available today until 3pm., pacific ONLY!
No late evening hours tonight.

Take me away…take me away to that secret place!! Feelings of fantasy could actually ‘take you away’ today with added desire to ‘take off’ & fly away into the wild blue yonder casting cares to the side and dismissing whatever it is ‘or was’ that’s keeping you tied—-to anything. Able to dismiss dated thinking today, you glide into the future on the events of today, and right up till midnite, prepare yourself for ‘just about anything to occur’. The possibilities are endless.

Mixed Moods prevail. Fantasy then Reality, both are present, your choice! What’s bothering you today? Something just isn’t quite right, and you’re having trouble putting your finger on what that is, exactly. We all have days where something or other just doesn’t feel quite right. Don’t go back to bed, or run and cover up your head.  Rather make a conscious decision to alter your psyche’ and consciousness by redirecting your focus. There is little you can do at this point to change things, but you can make things better by simply changing your mind. Of course you cannot change your heart, that takes ‘time’, as the old saying goes, things, even your heart, gets better in time.

The Sagittarius moon today will enable you to better ‘look forward’. The cosmic energy today will assist you in changing your mind in an instant, & maintaining that ‘new focus’ with positive consistent mind control. It is then promised that your heart will get better in time.

Breathe deep now, and let the air you take into your lungs free your heart to open up to all that is available to you today. Today’s planetary influences allow you to redirect your energy toward things that will allow you to feel better, look better, behave better, enjoy an overall better attitude by this evening and into the remainder of this week. By the end of today, when the evening comes and you’re considering hanging out with your friends, suddenly you’ll be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Experience your deepest feelings today and then release the negativity.

Love and blessings,
Daija ext 32452

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