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Take Quiet time. Choose to be still allowing your mind to quiet itself from constant negative self and external chatter. Doing so fosters patience. Quieting your mind, is the only way we are able to hear God’s voice speaking to us; recognizing ‘His’ distinctive voice and clear message.

Be Conscious of what you are seeking guidance on or answers for. Ask God and His Universe directly for what you want, need and desire. Whether it’s health, wealth, love, romance, marriage, a new or healthier relationship—-whatever it is—-all you must do is be completely quiet and still and then ‘ask’ and believe, and you shall receive. Being quiet and still allows you to speak clear messages rather than mixed messages, achieving more of what you want vs. more of what you don’t want.

Detach yourself from any preconceived outcome other than what is right and best for you, now.QCD Manifesting Affirmation

Place your right hand over your heart, take a deep breath in and exhale slowly… speak these words: I am quiet and calm, ready and prepared to receive Love, Health, Prosperity, Romance, Marriage, new car, new home, travel, career, freedom, wealth, abundance… (whatever words you choose to say describing what you desire now to manifest in your life) …My heart is open, my mind is clear, I am calm and at peace as I wait upon my blessed desires to manifest. Take another deep breath and exhale slowly. Do this everyday or as often as you wish.

Maintain your belief, do not doubt.

Doubting or questioning yourself sends a mixed message, obstructing manifestation.

Maintain your belief, do not doubt.

Now patiently await and watch with optimism.

Suddenly you will begin to see changes and miracles occur in your life.

I will be writing more on QCD Manifesting. Be blessed and Enjoy!

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