Poetic Side of Sex


Sex is a sacrificial act. Sex is designed and we ‘have sex’ to meet the sexual needs of the other person, not for ‘self gratification’. As we are all well aware, we don’t need a partner for sexual self satisfaction. God gave us our sexual desires—it’s our divinely hardwired blessing from Him. Sexual desires are perfectly natural. Expressing them, sharing them, and delighting in them by engaging in sexual activity with the one person whom we love and whom we are attracted, committed, and devoted to, for life, is healthy and deeply satisfying, on all levels.

Random sex with just anyone at any given moment, or even in a relationship that is perhaps casual, or commonly called, ‘Friends with Benefits’—- is never as fulfilling and satisfying. In fact, random sex has been proven, on many levels, to be physiologically unhealthy and emotionally destructive.

Think about yourself, and what matters most to you, now—- and in the future insofar as your life is concerned. The next time you consider enjoying sexual activity with someone who—-does not care enough about you, to commit to you, yet, is willing to risk your health or even your life for their sexual satisfaction and gratification.

Ask yourself if he or she is truly worth possibly making a mistake that could harm you in any way, or perhaps even, cost you your life?

Sacrificing your health, happiness, or your life for the sexual pleasure of someone else to whom neither of you are sacredly committed, is a destructive choice to make. Love and respect yourself first and foremost.~

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