Make the First Call Count


Seeking (the right) advice or guidance in everyday life and in your relationship is important and can prove to be quite valuable. Sometimes we all need advice and it’s important that we choose someone to talk with whom we are able to open up to, identify with and receive honest insights that we can grow and learn from.

The key in receiving the type of help or assistance you truly need is by carefully choosing your advisor. But how do I carefully choose my advisor? By first taking a moment to gather your thoughts about the issues you are seeking advice on. The best way to do this is to relax, ground yourself, calm your mind, and ‘create a list’.

Create a list of the issues and areas of life you wish to address, discuss, and learn more about during your session with your advisor. Putting time, effort and energy into writing down your questions will sweeten your session by providing you with a tangible or workable solution that more often times than not— will be life altering and beneficial to you.

The first session is the most important. There are many types advisors to choose from, however, you want to choose the ‘right’ advisor who specializes in the areas that you are concerned with most. For example: I am well seasoned in all areas of life and can offer sound advice and guidance in every area. Although, I am specialized in the area of one on one personal, romantic and professional relationships with a concentration on mating and dating, romance, marriage, divorce and family.

Making the first call is important. For the first call please set aside at least 20 minutes to introduce and get acquainted with me or any advisor you may choose. It’s not fair to you or your advisor to attempt to introduce and connect on the first three minute call.

You have a reason for placing a call to an advisor, and that reason is to receive an applicable and beneficial answer to an important issue, care and concern in your life. Whether it’s a personal, romantic or professional issue you are dealing with in your life—if it is important enough for you to invest your time, effort and energy in caring and worrying about it all and then to seek help with, then it’s important enough to invest ample time to connect with an advisor to truly assist you in a way that will provide you with an honest answer or solution that will benefit you.

If you want your advisor to take you and your issues seriously, and truly be able to assist you with real helpful advice, insights and information that will provide you with a solution, then please also be realistic and serious about your situation and putting forth the real effort to connect with your new advisor by buying enough time for a proper introduction and work from that place with her/him to build a healthy connection and foundation together.

By having specific questions on those important areas of your life that you have questions and concerns about —-will aid in fostering an emotional connection between you and your advisor. You are important! Your life and your issues are important!!

Therefore, creating an emotionally open and honest connection and comfort zone between you and your advisor is paramount to successfully reach a solution that is uniquely suited to your individual needs, personality type and relational, family or career issues, cares and concerns.~

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