Monday – Wednesday Update Sept. 27th. – 29th., 2010


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Monday launches the first full week of Autumn with nine astro-aspects in play. Air & Earth signs feel the need to express. Water & Fire signs feel the need to embrace. We find emotional harmonies with Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus which makes communication easier. You’re better able to share & talk about exciting new plans with coworkers and family. There’s a tad bit of tension within, today, which you need to work out, perhaps revising your routine, to give you a bit more flexibility will do the trick. Get all the challenging things out of the way, early in the day. Leaving the nite time for enjoyable activities, & even a tad bit of ‘time to play’.

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Personal boundaries are a theme on Tuesday as the Moon (Emotions) dances in trine with the Sun (Personality) and Saturn (Restrictions). Remember that setting limits and staying within them is wise sometimes, like when you’re on a budget. And I just freak hearing that word ‘Budget’, but it’s something we all have to subject ourselves to, if we desire balance & harmony in our lives. “Breaking through the wall” of pseudo imposed restrictions is important, especially when you’ve boxed yourself in by believing, in error, that you can’t make something happen. Oh, but yes, you can. You just have to believe it, then take action when the time is right—timing is everything.

Wednesday, midweek, things are rather quiet with the Moon squaring off with Mercury as it shows passionate, perhaps even ‘Torridly HOTT’ tension with Venus. Venus is the planet of love, and there is both favorable & challenging tension in romantic relationships. Will s/he or won’t s/he? Will my romance go the distance? What’s the answer? Time brings those answers, and they come via energy & communication — sometimes verbal, and sometimes non-verbal. Look for signs today, in how to make your relationship ‘happy’, thriving, fun & loving.

Enjoy your Magic Monday & week ahead!


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