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Greetings – Wednesday – Sept 29th., 2010
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Today’s transit is about being free & making the choice to live free of emotional burden. Our emotions are what truly keeps us all in bondage. Being human is difficult.  In my opinion, being human is the most difficult of all species. Reason is due to the fact that as human beings we must live & walk by faith. Our emotional awareness is what determines our ability to be ‘happy’.

Happiness is a choice, however, for most of us, our emotions rule. That part of the equation is something we must make a decision about—-yet, to our chagrin, is not something that we must ‘decide upon’, but is an absolute, due to the fact that we have little or ‘no control’ over much of what (as humans) happens to us. Confusing? Perhaps, basically the decision boils down to accepting only those emotions that allow us ‘freedom’ to be and feel happy.

When you think about it —it’s our awareness of such little control, that creates the emotional burden. A squirrel doesn’t worry.  Birds don’t think about yesterday or worry about tomorrow. Basically the entire animal kingdom doesn’t consider the past nor concern themselves at all about the future. They are emotionally free.

There is a reason why all other species don’t worry—-it’s due to the fact that in their creation, God chose to eliminate that portion of emotional awareness of the past or the future, from their brain. And for one reason, because he chose to create them, that way, and without the ability to speak or think in a human language.  Hence, in so doing, He promises to care for them, unconditionally, unequivocally and absolutely. And as you can see, He does. In essence, it’s their inability to indulge in emotionally thinking or speaking that creates a worry free world, allowing them to fly and run freely, eat, thrive & survive.

So what does this say for us human beings? WOW!! Could it be that the same could also be true for us should we submit & depend totally on God for all things? Imagine not worrying about anything but enjoying the pleasure of simply knowing that all our needs are met, if we simply just depend on ‘Him’.

I preached to my kids to live by this phrase, Trust & Obey God, and leave the consequences to Him. Easier said, written, preached and taught, than done. Reason is we all would prefer to have an excuse to ‘not believe’ —simply because we thrive on living in a state of emotionalism, based on drama and crisis.  We find it difficult to imagine that depending on God, could be so easy—-submitting to our creator of the Universe, the One who created us… knows all things, and allows all things to occur—–even our last breath or ‘not’….Yet, for all of us, it is the most difficult of all tasks, placing our faith in Him.

The problem is ‘not with Him’ or society or with anyone or anything but “US”…and our individual & personal relationship with and to God. We will either choose to put our faith in ‘God’ or in ourselves. And well, if we choose to place our faith in anything or anyone ‘other than God’, we will most certainly have a rude awakening that will cost us much more than we can afford to pay or ‘lose’.

We are our own worst enemy, choosing to believe that we have ‘control’ and then allowing our emotions to control us. Wow… I repeat, when all we have to do is ‘let go…and LET GOD’. Sounds so cliche-ish… I know, but it’s so true. And only you making the choice take the risk and see for yourself, will prove it to you, that God truly is in control and so worth your submission. Take a moment and take a deep breath, today is one of those days where what you do and how you go about ‘doing what you do’ will either allow freedom or keep you in bondage. It’s your choice.

You’ll make a choice today—-to live differently, uniquely, wisely.

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