The Light of the Harvest Moon


Ready to howl at the Moon? Now’s a good time, under the light of the magnificent full Harvest Moon. A time of culmination, completion, finishing plans and a project together. Emotions run high during this time. A time of romance, fertilization, relationships, emotions, feelings. Welcome to the Harvest.

There are four distinct phases of the Moon, with the Full Moon falling in the third Quarter of the Moon’s cycle. This Harvest Full Moon in September (named so because in the extra light, people were able to continue working to gather the season’s Harvest), is a time of gathering, potent energy and success.

“A time of romance, fertilization, relationships, emotions, feelings. Welcome to the Harvest.”

A person born during the third quarter Moon will be sensitive to the needs of others and expects others to be sensitive to their own needs. There is an underlying sense of watchfulness similar to the energy in the zodiac signs Libra and Scorpio. The person will need friendships, colleagues and relationships, and will relate well to others. They will either be drawn to highly successful people and help them achieve their goals, or else achieve success themselves with the help of others. There is a tension and nervousness at play which can lead to a short attention span and a constant search for new people and experiences, and sex will play some kind of transformative role in their life. The most successful time of life will be in the middle years.

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In Chinese Astrology, the third quarter Moon symbolizes organization, harvest, collection and storage, and is associated with autumn, the west and the element metal. This lunar phase governs the signs of Monkey, Rooster, and Dog.

Time to complete your work. Time to celebrate. The end of Summer, beginning of Fall. So go the cycles in the great celestial circle of the year as we bask in the full light of the Harvest Moon.

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