TGIF. . .Sept 12, 2008 Weekend Update


Welcome to Friday. It’s a busy day for the Moon (Emotions) with a number of planets forming a lively dance in the heavens — Mercury, Venus, and Mars are partnering with the Moon, and so it’s a good day to take the initiative to speak about your love life goals with your romantic interest. Probably an early Fall evening out with dinner and music are in order. But the Moon is also stressing a bit with Pluto (transformation) and the Sun (Personality), so things are not so simple. Are they ever? So, yes — it’s a good time to talk, but don’t expect an immediate change. Give it time.

“Harmony, then discord — so go the cycles of life. Remember that change, growth and development… all come with some ’stress’…”

Earlier in the week Venus (Love, Women) was in conjunction (Interacting) with Mars (Initiative, Men). This made it a natural to work things out with coworkers of the opposite sex, and also with your family members or partners of the opposite sex. Remember the book, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”? That’s catchy — and true a lot of the time as the two sexes have different ways of relating to others and to the world. Did you find some easy going at work or at home? What about new brainstorms you had earlier in the week — did you right them down so you can work on them later?

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The Moon was in the groove with Uranus (New Ideas), so you may have noticed good ideas percolating in your workplace, and also in your family life. Getting out of the rut — brainstorming improved way to do things. That’s the ticket, but you need to follow through now. There’s was also a little stress showing with Saturn — a planet that generally influences restrictions. Isn’t that the way it goes? You have a new idea… but others are resistant to change. Hang in there, real progress can only come from good new ideas and the change they inspire.

Looking into the weekend, the Moon (Emotions) is getting a little feisty on Saturday, showing some stress with Mars, Mercury, and Venus. That’s Initiative, Communication, and Love. This comes after cooperation with the same planetary energies yesterday (Friday). Harmony, then discord — so go the cycles of life. Remember that change, growth and development (in your family, career, romances, etc.) all come with some “stress” on the learning curve when you move ahead. That’s life. So, if you had a good conversation with a loved one on Friday, you could see a little “positive” stress on Saturday as the details get worked out. “Postitive stress?” Sure. Stress is a natural part of life and if it helps you get somewhere you need to go — that’s “positive,” right?

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