Prepare for Giddy Gritty Communications


Welcome to Fabulous Friday — a powerful day. Not just because tomorrow is the weekend, and you can feel it coming on. Celestially, the Sun (Personality) is working with with the Moon (Emotions) to bring a feeling of balance. And the Moon is also working well with Mars (Initiative) to bring a certain potency to your work and relationships. That’s good — it’s been a trying week. Remember to focus carefully on how you communicate during this Mercury Retrograde period.

“Sometimes just learning something new — the learning curve — holds people back. Don’t let it.”

Did you feel like you just couldn’t find the right words in conversations, and also when writing emails this week? This happens from time to time, and there are a couple of celestial reasons why. On Thursday, the Moon (Emotions) squared off with Mercury (Communications), and we are also in a Mercury Retrograde period which throws some sand into our communication processes. Just remember that such things are often opportunities in disguise. How so? Well, editing your writing, and gathering your thoughts before speaking can really be a big help. You’ll look a lot more professional at work that way, and appear thoughtful in your personal relationships.

Remember that in a Mercury Retrograde period and you need to check and double-check your communications. Good listening skills are in order. Double-check that you have heard both your boss, and your loved ones correctly. Then use the energy you feel to make a reasoned and cautious move. Despite your perceived urgency, do not be hasty.

And on Listening Skills remember that Communications experts have found that there are always four different messages for each single communication: What the speaker intends to say, what they actually say, what you think you heard, and what you think it means. So the speaker could fail to get the point across, and you could misunderstand it. What’s the best thing to do? Check that you understood what a person wrote or said to you by asking if you heard correctly. It’s that simple.

Looking to the weekend, the celestial forecast shows the Moon (Emotions) squaring off with Jupiter (Growth), so don’t be surprised to find yourself hanging back from things that might bring growth. Ever heard of “growing pains?” Your opportunity is not to fear taking a needed step to get ahead, even if it seems like there might be some momentary aches. Sometimes just learning something new — the learning curve — holds people back. Don’t let it. The Moon is also working well today with Neptune (Spirituality) which can give you that needed boost to forge ahead. Keep it practical, though, and don’t bite off more than you can chew.~

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