A NEW BEGINNING For you. . .


Is your life teetering on the edge of void? Is there a gigantic pulse throbbing hole inside—-and what are you attempting to fill this gap with? A new toy, relationship, food, gossip? Are you dancing around the fringe, on a daily basis of a truly satisfying life that has real meaning for you? Do you constantly clammer around others who small talk converse about consumerism, addictions, empty sex and violence? Or perhaps some new high societal or political piece of information that is misconstrued by the constant background noise of society opinions and gossip being passed via media exposure? Ask yourself, what is this life I am living truly about and how is it serving me?

It’s likely that we are all on a paved highway to oblivion trying to fill that huge hole —-that void within us seeking ‘true contentment, happiness and joy’. The emptiness is so overwhelming that we tend to fill it at any price. Constantly seeking immediate gratification, a new relationship, a new book, a drug, a job…whatever it is we are all ‘looking’ for our next quick fix.  

Rather than a life filled with a host of empty charades, would your prefer your life to be filled with the wonderful dance of ‘being’ and living authentically? Of course you would, we all would enjoy that ‘feeling’ and knowing that our lives are FULL, HAPPY, ABUNDANT, Authentic and Healthy. And not a single one of us can deny that what we truly desire is a new healthy and balanced way of life and everyday living.  Let us chose the genuine option of Life via Love, over the turmoil of Death & Fear. Allow me to take you on a journey where you will experience the fullness of every moment and move from isolation to deep connection. After all, this is our birthright… Let us claim it together!

Let’s look together to find where the planet Mars struts his fancy firey self in your chart, and the house and aspects surrounding this action oriented planetary energy. Mars energy is the cosmic energy that provides the Power in your Chart and the daily energy influence in your everyday life giving you the actual physical energy to get UP and DO what you must do in order to live the life you are destined to live. By looking at where Mars is situated we can learn why you have or have not chosen a particular path. And remember the chart doesn’t rule the individual, but the individual rules the chart. It is up to us to overcome the obstacles and move into a better, healthier, happier place, that is our destiny, that is our birthright… Our FREEWILL to choose!

Call me today and let’s take a look at where you are and where Mars is located in your chart and let’s journey together into your future of new beginnings, and a new and better, ‘happier’ way of life.

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