Dazzling Astro-Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


OMG…is Mother’s Day really next week??
That’s right! It’s next Sunday May 11th!

So let’s take a look to see what you can get your precious Mom this year…

The Ideal Mother’s Day Gift for your special Mom

Aries mothers are quite active. You won’t go wrong by presenting her with a membership to her favorite gym or dance class, even volleyball, softball, martial arts, or whatever you see your mom doing regularly, give her a gift that is complimentary to her active lifestyle. Her favorite brand of active sportswear is another idea she’ll love. Gift certificates go over well. As does a beautiful arrangement of tiger lilies—–this floral matches her vibrantly high spirited energy level!

Taurus mom’s have a soft and sentimental nature and truly love anything and everything about beauty. Bath salts and scents are her favorite. They can be bowled over by receiving a bountiful  bouquet of tropical flowers…especially hibiscus! She will love them and love you for knowing exactly how to please her. The colors, aroma, and soft, billowy petals of exotic and tropical plants will appeal to  her touchy-feely nature. Be sure to take extra time to wrap her gifts in attractive, bright and colorful papers.

Gemini mother love bouquets of bright, colorful flowers. It really doesn’t matter the type of floral, just make sure that the arrangement you present offers much variety in color and hues.  Books is another favorite of your Gem of a mom—-and she will adore a subscription of any trendy magazine. Your mom loves to read, so ask her or check out her books to find her favorite author—-find the latest editions on the shelf, hardbacks are her favorite. You’ll impress her for sure with your intellectual savvy.

Cancer mothers love to be loved. They adore entertaining family and friends, organizing parties and especially entertaining in their warm and engaging gorgeous homes – Oh… how they make the best hostess! A trip to William Sonoma, Kitchen Kaboodle or IKEA and choose whatever you know ‘she doesn’t have’ or perhaps that needs replaced, and she will be utterly delighted!  She will also adore a many gifts of a different variety. Flowers to go along is a nice touch. And please remember the CARD, writing something sweet and sentimenta!!

Leo Moms adore their hair, and generally have ‘great’ hair, so when you think about your mom consider hair products as a fine gift idea. They also truly love sunflower blossoms. These beauties definitely mimimic your Mom’s ‘Lioness’ nature. The large Sunflower blossom is regal like that of the Lioness head and mane. She will adore receiving her favorite hair accessories as well. Consider sunflowers in a beautiful vase presented with a nice hair comb or barrette to beautify or hold her lovely mane. Presented with a beautiful card made especially by you, is the perfect touch!

Virgo moms love to read and are quite particular about managing their time, so gift them with something that will enable them to ‘save time’ while they enjoy reading. For example, a Kindle would be the perfect gift. Although a bit spendy, she will think she’s died and gone to heaven! Things that keep track of time, watches, calendars, anything tech oriented is the perfect gift! And if flowers are on your list, then present mom with a delightful bouquet of Daisies. Also, if presented in a nice ceramic pot or container, you’ll make her day!

Libra moms are ever so sensuous, sentimental, quite romantic and truly warm at heart. ROSES, ROSES and more ROSES! Any color any kind, perhaps a Rose Garden would be apropos! But if you’re short on space for a rose garden, settle for a baker’s dozen of her favorite color rose! The perfect rose is the “STERLING” rose as it is grown without thorns.  Your lovely mom would be so touched to receive the perfect rose from her perfect child, of course! A sweet sentimental card, that you choose or write for her, will carry you thru in her good graces till next year!

Scorpio mom’s are individualistic in nature and attitude. You can bet that if you present your mom with a specially designed floral arrangement just for her, she will be delighted. Your Scorpio Mom will be pleased with a combo-plant & her favorite flower. She loves plants and gardening—-even if she may not have the time to do gardening herself—-plant-life especially herbals are special, healing and serene to her. Be sure to ask your Mom what her ‘favorite’ plants and flowers are. Then ask your florist to combine several of her favorites in your gift presentation.   

Sagittarius mothers love perfumes with lingering a scent. Go for something that is Oriental and of an amber color.  Gifting your sweet mom with a perfume that you have ‘mixed’ especially for her will rock her world, making her know how special you think she is to you! She enjoys fragrances that remind her of enjoyable times. Your lovely mom will also enjoy anything modern or electronic. She would truly enjoy an IPOD where she can download her favorite songs that remind her of happy times.

Capricorn mom’s, are about quality, vintage, memories and oh so sentimental. She will truly appreciate you being a tad bit extravagant! Quality is quite important to her – and when it involves jewelry, her joy in such pricey trinkets is boundless! Present her with a piece of jewelry whether expensive or not, so long as what you give her exhibits taste, quality, and/or regality—-your mom will adore anything that women of high society social circles is seen ‘wearing’! Consider a piece that is a replica of something Princess Diana once wore.

Aquarius moms, although an Air Sign, she truly appreciates being grounded in reality. She loves unique out of the ordinary types of gifts. She adores heartfelt surprises and you can always almost count on getting a delightful response from your eclectic  mom by presenting her with anything that will give her a warm feeling, touch her heart and soul and keep her eager mind centered. Something creative for her home that is perhaps rustic in nature, or a painting that is out of circulation or a floral arrangement that is earthy toned and austere in design.

Piscean mothers are eccentric daydreamers, living in a world of creative fantasy, you will simply make their day by giving them something peaceful, calming and soothing. A gift that comes to mind is a ceramic, marble or brass fountain. She will adore reading her fantasy novels while listening to the peaceful waterfall in the background. Any type of serenity gift will allow her to escape for the time being. She also adores crafts that you make or create yourself, be sure to add an element of nature to your gift, and you’ll make her day!

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