A Springy Weekend into a A New MOON Cinco de Mayo Monday!


Welcome to a nice Spring Weekend — a New Moon for Cinco de Mayo (Monday) is on its way and as the Moon winds down Saturday and Sunday it’s a good time complete projects, and conclude business. Even a good rest under a tree at a picnic is in order on this fine Spring weekend. Be careful with travel plans, though since Mercury (Communication) is in a tug-a-war with Saturn (Restrictions) so that you might experience some miscommunication over Hotel room availability, or travel bookings — another reason why just heading out to a nice park could be a good idea.

“Oddly enough, sometimes the emotions you feel don’t have anything to do with what you know in your heart is true.”

Last Thursday, Venus (Emotions) and Pluto (Transformation) were dancing together to make for a day when you feel your relationships — professional and personal — with a certain intensity. This could play out more on the weekend as you enjoy a deserved break with your mate. Cooperation is in order, and in the best spirit of negotiation, don’t be afraid to let something you’ve been holding onto go — so you can make the gains you deserve. Giving something up is often a good way to get what you want.

On Friday the Moon was working with Venus to bring emotions in tune with your heart. Oddly enough, sometimes the emotions you feel don’t have anything to do with what you know in your heart is true. On the one hand, you can have emotions like anger that lead you away from being centered. On the other hand, there’s the emotional intelligence that comes from the core — straight from the heart. Powerful. Potent. A good day to speak your heart, and then take a rest over the weekend.

Rest on the weekend? Sure — well, maybe you’ll get into some celebration and partying on Sunday as we head into Cinco de Mayo Monday… and the birth of the New Moon. The New Moon is associated with renewal and awakening, which is perfect for the holiday of the Mexican victory over the French in 1862, and which has become a festival that awakens both appreciation for Mexican culture and a time to renew an appreciation for the zest of Spring in the US. Enjoy it.SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “It’s a New Moon Cinco de Mayo Weekend”, url: “http://astrodaija.com/astroblog/2008/05/its-a-new-moon-cinco-de-mayo-weekend/” });

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