Love . . . What is ‘LOVE’ ?


YOU are LOVE!!!
That’s Right. . . YOU ARE LOVE.
Therefore, YOU are LOVE.

Yes…ALL of “YOU” are LOVE…. absolute LOVE.
You are honest. Sincere.  Kind. Compassionate. Considerate.
Forgiving. Authentic.

Love Gives Love.
Love doesn’t adhere to what others ‘choose’ that is NOT or that is ABSENT of LOVE.

By someone asking you to avoid giving them something or asking you to give them something (i.e., appropriate tokens of affections such as cards, gifts, favors, etc., or perhaps they are words of affirmation– sentiments of affection, or anything that would ‘TOUCH their HEART’ causing them to Be WEAK of HEART —-possibly deeply touching them, creating a deep inner sensitivity ENABLING THEM TO dig deep down and possibly FORGIVE THEMSELVES or OTHERS…or reach out or ‘in’ and HEAL is either helping them to avoid creating LOVE or helping them to CREATE LOVE due to how ‘whatever it is’ is
affecting his/her ‘heart’ in a way that is neither emotional nor cognitive,psychological or physical, but ‘spiritually driven’ or as I prefer to describe and term it as

And either way…  whether thru Darkness or Light it’s going to work to serve in one way or another—-and I prefer LIGHT, of course, although I do see Love thru Darkness, everyday.

And that is indeed what LOVE IS.

LOVE IS WHEN SOMEONE IS AFFECTED AT THE spiritual core “HEART” level and IT MAKES THEM WEAK. . . and when we are weak, we are STRONG! Love is the most Powerful Source in our Universe and Greatest Thing of All. . . and what we we spend an entire lifetime seeking!

And in the physical, my precious friends, it IS WHEN WE ARE THE WEAKEST of HEART FOR ANOTHER HUMAN BEING . . .that we are ALL LOVING. . . and it is during that time when we are able to be absolutely ALL FORGIVING THAT WE HAVE THE STRONGEST LOVE in our Hearts FOR all things in our lives, in this world, and for GOD, and for ourselves, and especially for each other.

I love you.


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