Some of the best ‘BODY’ products out right now to smooth, tighten, prevent age, decrease cellulite, soften and provide hours upon hours of hydration to your skin are readily available to ‘all women.’ Regardless of your budget, I personally guarantee you that you can find ‘the right body product’ for your specific needs and at a variety of price ranges.

But first, Go throw out all products containing MINERAL OIL!

I do advise you to discontinue use of any and all products containing MINERAL OIL. Mineral Oil is a cheap ‘filler’ in many products that has been proven to actually prevent continued natural hydration to the dermis and subcutaneous layers of skin. It’s a barrier and can prevent the other beneficial ingredients within a product, to work effectively to nourish the skin. Also, MINERAL OIL will clog pores!

Whether the price of a product is $8.00 or $180.00, I promise that you can find the same ingredients in either, but you do have to ‘search’ and read the labels and often times translate the ingredients. Also, the order of ingredients on a label is very important. The first ingredient is what the product is primarily made up of. And then as the ingredients are listed consecutively, from first to last is the concentration value or percentage you can expect to be in the actual product.

For example: If a product label states ‘Water’ or “Aqua” as the first ingredient, that means that the products primary ingredient is ‘WATER’. More often times than not, the primary ‘price difference’ has more to do with how and where the product is manufactured vs. the actual ingredients in the product.

Because I have a variety of ‘skin-types’ on my own body—no kidding— throughout my body—I have a number of different skin types, ranging from normal to oily or combination on my ‘T-Zone’ to dry and sensitive on my cheeks and super sensitive and often times, red on my neck, (yes, I’ve been known at times as a RedNeck… LOL) to dry and flakey on my upper arms and back at the mid-torso level, and dry and rough looking on my front thighs and encircling my calfs, and last but not least, as most women my age, and younger, have dissappointingly experienced that ‘cottage cheese dimpling’ on my buttocks and upper back thighs, thanks to age, lack of the right kind of exercise, yo yo dieting, and basic genetics, of course all do play a vital roll in the appearance of our surface layer of skin, called the epidermis.

Needless to say with all that I’m dealing with ‘skin wise’ I’ve become ‘SkinWise’ in my life long search of the finding the best most effective body treatments that will nourish, hydrate, firm, soften and smooth my skin without costing a fortune and without having to purchase 10 different products. The secret in finding this ‘One Single Product’ for my entire body, excluding my face, of course, (I will be writing about ‘Our Faces’ in later piece) is in reading and understanding the ingredient labels.

So I’ve taken the guess work out of this for you and listed the products below  as, in my personal and professional opinion to be the very best on the market today that will provide supberb body solutions. The below products provide the following solutions and all in one product!!

– Firming
– Hydrating
– Smoothing
– Nourishing
– Replenishing
– Cost effective
– Ample size product, for the money

I promise you that you don’t have to spend $100.00 a bottle or jar for a body product to be superbly effective, and exactly what you’re looking for. Some of the very best that I’ve found are below and I’ve resesarched the market for the past 5 years looking for that Youth Serum in A Jar, and although that is a marketing phrase that truly doesn’t exist, there are definitely products out on the market that will reduce the signs of stress, sun and aging and at a fraction of the cost of department store products.

Regardless of the product you choose to use, as well as all the hype that the informercials and commercials talk about, until you’ve actually tried and ‘used’ ANY product for any length of time, you’ll not ‘visually’ notice any significant difference. However,  by using the products named below for an all over moisturizing/hydrating/firming/nourishing body solution, you’ll be pleased with your result after one solid month of regular daily use. And let me know what you think, I definitely welcome your comments, and truly desire to hear from you!!

All the below BEST BODY PRODUCTS are available for purchase online, as well. 🙂

(Excluding Face) found only at “THE BODY SHOP”

And there are several to choose from, in an array of delectible scents and flavors. My personal three favorites are :

‘ALMOND Body Butter’ — hydrating, softening, smoothing, nourishing, scenting with a delightfully delicate ‘healthy’ natural scent

‘OLIVE Body Butter’ — firming, hydrating, anti-aging, softening, nourish

‘Vitamin E Body Butter’ — firming, hydrating, nourishing, anti-aging, smoothing

And the best part about the above Body Shop Beautiful Body Solutions are that they all have Body Washes and Lotions to go along with them, if you prefer a layering effect and perhaps on warmer days, a lighter wt. moisturizer.
I guarantee you’ll love these products, and the best part about them,
NO MINERAL OIL and The Price.
Body Butters are only $16.00 for a nice 200ml/ 6.9oz size. 

Best all around ALL OVER BODY PRODUCT(Excluding face) found at your local beauty supply store, Sephora, Ulta, Beauty First, and I’ve even seen this product at Sally’s:

“HEMPZ” Age Defying Herbal Moisturizer  
by Supre
Great value at only $25.00 for a 500ml/ 18 fl oz. size

Best all around ALL OVER BODY PRODUCT (Excluding Face) found at your local grocery, Walmart, Walgreens and Target stores or where ever you purchase similar products found at these stores:

OLAY Body Firming Reviver Body Lotion
400ml/13.5 fl oz and cost is approx. $8.00!!
Great product and great smell, and it doesn’t linger or overpower or get in the way of wearing your favorite scent or fragrance. I truly did see a difference in my cellulite after a daily 30 day regime. LOVE This one Ladies… simply LOVE IT, because it works, I can get it just about anywhere I am at the moment, regardless of state or country, and the PRICE is RIGHT!! 🙂

OLAY BODY Age Transformation Body Creme Serum
300ml/10.1 fl oz and cost is approx. $14.00,  a very good price!
Boosts Skins Antioxidant power evens color, tone, clarity & elasticity
This one is excellent especially on arms and torso, but if you are using a ‘Tanning Spray’ it can cause your fake bake to fade, so use accordingly.~

Enjoy trying these products girls, and let me know what you think of them as well. And if you’ve scanned and tested the market and found something better, please let me hear from you!!

Love you gals… and YES, men, too!!  Ladies, turn your men onto these Body Beautiful Age Saving hydrating creams and lotions, they’ll love how you ‘feel’ against them! 🙂

Have fun!


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