A Flirty Frisky Friday


Today is as good as it gets with ‘Surprising’ albeit beneficial encounters of the most deliciously romantic kind. With Uranus (Surprise) in Pisces conjoining a nice configuration no doubt you’ll be asking yourself just “Who is this Mysterious Romantic Masked Man or Woman, whose come on the scene and disrupted my safe little world?” No worries here, you’ll know exactly what to do and how to go about it by choosing the best way to form this ‘new’ type and style of relationship experience that truly isn’t ‘new’ per se, but quite new for you. It’s a whole new agenda and new way of life brought on by this ‘what may feel’ scary—although quite necessary—transformation, incorporating love, vs ‘lust’. And as we all know, it’s ONLY the unconditional authentic ‘Love’ that we feel, offer, and give to ourselves, and then to others, that we can absolutely always trust. It’s okay to feel alive, and awakened to the sensual desires of appropriately directed carnal lust. . .but when all is said and done, true ‘love’ exists only in the realm of mutual respect and shared Trust!

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