The Most Uncomfortable Place to be with “THE ONE” whom you love…


Fighting and bickering with your partner is a draining experience. It is also one of the most uncomfortable and unwanted places to be with the person you love. We’ve all been there and we’ll be there again. Yet, ending a fight can be far less painful than you may believe. The next time you are in the throws of wooden spoons, and less than loving language spewing from your lips that you’d never want your mother or your children to hear, just STOP… in attempt to get your point across—-or to ‘be right’. Just STOP!!

Take a deep breath and count to five… then politely and calmly say to your partner: “What do you need from me?” This is not merely asking your partner ‘what they need’—-rather you are asking your partner, ‘what they need from you’, allowing him/her to feel validated in that you are listening and interested in helping them get their needs met. Then be still and quiet while she/he responds. I promise you, that at that moment, the focus will shift, and issues between you will begin to brighten and lighten up, emotionally for you both.

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