The Perfect Gift


Valentine’s Day, just two days away, little focus on anything else other than what we are going to ‘give’ and [hopefully] ‘get’ from our betrothed. Having tons of ideas in our heads all year long, suddenly at the last hour, we lose all perspective, cannot even
think of or find the perfect gift!! I will help you get started on your adventure and quest in finding that perfect Valentine’s gift of Love …for ‘Your Love’. <3

     ARIES:  Tickets to an event, Diamonds or Clear Crystals
  TAURUS:  Spa Day, pamper products Emeralds or Green stones
    GEMINI:  Books, Music, Wine, Pearls or Pink Stones
 CANCER:  Home, Cooking, Plants, Rubies or Red stones
        LEO: Gift Card, Designer bags, Citrine or Lt. green Stones
     VIRGO: Writing tools, Books, Sapphire or Blue Stones
      LIBRA: Movie Tickets, Perfume, Opal or Multi-color stones
 SCORPIO: Personal, vintage, visual, Topaz & Yellow stones
Sagittarius: High Tech, Heirloom, food, Blue Topaz, Lt. Blue stones
 Capricorn: Favorite Designer, 5* Dinning, Garnet, dk. Red stones
  Aquarius: Jewelry, Computers, ART, Amethyst, Rose quartz
      Pisces: Leather, Cloth, Art, Aqua Marine, blue-green stones

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Image result for valentines day images
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