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Greetings – Wednesday – Sept 22nd., 2010
I am available today until 2pm., pacific & then again this evening between 7pm & 10pm., pacific.

Uranus (change & surprise) along with Mercury, (communication) signifies all sorts of letters, emails, documents, to organize, ponder over & decide upon. Your happiness is at risk, at stake, especially by the choices you make today!

All things pertaining to action taken on or about the communications you are involved, are highlighted today & tomorrow. As you go on about your business, personal & professional, you’ll experience welcomed solicitations, surprising occurrences & sentiments that will make you smile, feel loved—-happy to be alive.

Your mood is lighter, brighter. Someone could make a proposal that is semi-challenging, on an emotional level, (remember faith vs. fear) and you realize that this proposition is much to good for you to pass up or deny.

In fact, this could be the happiest day of your life in the sense of getting or receiving something you’ve been longing for. You decide to do something “major” that you’ve been putting off, making that appt today or reaching out to someone, ‘today’ nearly seems magical due to the immediate response you receive. Don’t delay, asking for what you want, today, it’s one of those particularly awesome days, where you’re guaranteed a huge, tremendous response. Able to see and enjoy your blessings, you have Zero regret!

Take time to do something your truly enjoy, today. Do something that truly matters most to you, in some special way, whatever that is, for you. Give Love & you will receive it, in perfect time.

Enjoy your day, evening—and remember to ‘say’ YES…
to those whom you love, most.

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