Wknd. Update – Friday – Sept 24th., 2010
I am available today until 4pm., pacific ONLY.
No late evening hours.

What feels right today, is routine. It’s likely you could even feel a bit out of sorts, tired, perhaps even exhausted. But not really sure ‘why’? You may not have engaged in anything out of the ordinary, or even over exerted yourself, slept less than you normally do, or experienced, of late, any ‘real’ tangible physiological, physical or emotional changes. Sometimes change of seasons can create body & mind —even over all chemistry changes. I’ve always believed that our bodies are like a weather vane. Oftentimes responding to elemental, cosmic & environmental changes, in a sort of ‘silence’ albeit, quite prevalent way.

You will notice something about yourself that is different. Overall body changes, are normal throughout your life. What’s most important is how you think, believe or behave, while going thru these  ‘changes’, regardless how major or subtle. These body-mind changes, these subtleties to whatever degree can create moodiness, to one degree or another. It’s important that you keep a ‘mindful’ check on how you are behaving, toward yourself as well as toward others. Be patient with yourself & others today, and this weekend. What matters most to you now is your ability to deal effectively with all that is occurring, inside & out, and accepting responsibility & accountability for your actions, words, & deeds. Regardless what is going on in your life, or within your emotional countenance, you have a choice in how you choose to respond & behave.

What is happening within is affecting you to some degree or another, and it’s up to you to decide how you’re going to handle and deal with it, effectively & beneficially. The decision will be a choice you make, determining whether or not you will be happy with the consequences, or not. One of the main issues this weekend will be your ability to recognize how much you truly desire to love & to be loved, allowing yourself to ‘move on’ from a bad, negative or restrictive place or relationship in your life. I am not only speaking of relationships with people—-but your relationship to anything & everything that you consider ‘important’ to you in your life.

Look at where and how you spend the majority of your time? It’s there, where you’ll find your passion—or perhaps your poison!

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Aloha Blessings,
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