Where do you Stand?


Greetings – Saturday – September 26th, 2009
Today is what I call a cosmically ‘free day’ to explore, think, meditate, ponder and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul from this past week. There is a lot going on in your life and in the lives of those whom you love, and you’re seeking clarity in order to arrive gracefully at your emotional position on a number of things, issues and ‘feelings’. Today is a day where you will take a deep breath, consider your options and then make a wise decision as to what you’re doing and where you’re going. Just don’t push it or yourself.

Allow yourself to experience your emotions in a free-form sort of way that will generate & promote healthy healing, balance & harmony. Things will occur in the exact order they are supposed to, just ‘let go’ of control, and make it a point on your part to speak directly, ask for what you want, and refuse to settle for less. Compromise is always important, and necessary. However, do not ever compromise your morals, values or principles. Period.

Doing so will cost you and much more than you are willing or can afford to pay. This is a tricky notion, however, because before you can know whether or not you are compromising your morals, values and principles, you must know what ‘THOSE’ are. And of course, in discerning what those are, you must know what you stand for, where you place your faith, and what political platforms, and fundamentals in ‘life’ you support.

Take time today to decide what is important to you. What belief system is important and valued by you. This is an independent exercise and although you may adopt some of the beliefs that your environment submits to, or what society as a whole supports, there is a place within ‘all this’ that you fit and believe in a particular way, and it’s up to you to find ‘YOU’ and where YOU stand in the world at large.

I am available today, Saturday, until 2pm., pacific, & then
again this evening between 7pm & 10pm., pacific.

If your birthday is today, September 26th., your cosmic colour is Plum Wine!!
You are charismatic, Intense and powerfully creative and imaginative! You love being in love and promote love within your social circles. The love you have in your life thru your viable and healthy and happy relationships do enable you to enjoy your life so much more and with so much more enthusiasm than when you are walking alone. Enhance your ability to give and receive love by decorating your home or office with this delightfully romantic colour. The formula to create Plum Wine = Pantone 18-1411

Enjoy your beautiful weekend!
         Blessings and love,
             Daija ext 32452

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