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Greetings – Monday – September 21st., 2009
A Vivid Day of Reckoning you will forever remember!
The influence of our planetary lovers, Mars & Venus, strikes a visual, albeit, emotional chord today creating conflict, drama, awkward moments and even great make up sex. However, it is wise, that the latter be avoided, and for one reason, because as human beings we are all subject and prone to conditioning. So unless you enjoy the more, oftentimes than not, benefit from detriment, in terms of make up sex, tend toward the intellect & emotion vs. heading off into the boudoir—-because enjoying your sexuality and sensuality is a gift that we are blessed with to enjoy whenever we choose or the joyous mood strikes us, and not to be seen or used as a reward for saying ‘I’m sorry’.

I see this frequently with couples where fussing and fighting becomes their mainstay as their way to enjoy the sweetness of making up—-without actually talking about the real issues at hand thinking that the physical will indeed put them back where they need to be again, loving each other again. Ok fine, it is a bandaid, I agree. However, those issues will pop up again…. and again, and again.

Time to
‘FEEL’… ‘DEAL’ … &  HEAL!

You are feeling it all, therefore why not choose to also deal with it all ‘now’ and get it out of the way, nip it in the bud, so to speak enabling you to ‘heal’ as well as enjoy the sweetness of what you are both blessed with and that is mutual love fostering automatic forgiveness. A key to refrain from much fussing and fighting during prevailing cosmic influences is to remember how important your relationship is to you and the love that you once shared between you that actually brought you together.  Think about what you ‘love’ or ‘loved’ about your partner and focus on those areas. In order to experience your relationship in a different light, think back to when you first met each other. What about him/her ignited your passionate interest. GO there and live there for a moment or perhaps an entire day or two. Act out in sweet, endearing and loving ways toward your partner. This will automatically bring the two of you closer. Today is one of those days where you truly can reignite your relationship.

This transit is a relational asset, prepare to do the work, and you will suddenly recognize that what you truly desire is in fact, right there waiting for you. Actually, it never left. You were perhaps simply blind to it. In relationships it’s important to look at ‘our responsibility’ vs. always at the other person.

I am available today until 2pm., pacific & then again this evening between
7pm & 10pm., pacific.

If your birthday is today, September 21st. your cosmic colour is GrapeShake!!
You are a writer, producer, mover and shaker! Your many talents are what make you the envy of your friends. Truly a jack of all trades and yes, you master them all! You are rather the innovative & industrious one, you know exactly what you’re   doing and how you’re doing it, and the result is exactly what you anticipated. To enable you to relax just a bit and enjoy life more, decorate your home and office with this calming colour. The formula for Grapeshake = Pantone 18-2109

              Surprises tonight invite real love to be shared.
                  Enjoy your day & evening!
                     Blessings & love,
                        Daija ext 32452

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