S/he is who S/he Is… The Question: Do you Accept Your Partner for Who They Are?


Greetings – Monday – September 28th, 2009
So You think you want a man or a woman, in your life?
Are you truly, emotionally and psychologically prepared to deal
effectively with ‘the change(s)’ that will take place by having that
‘other person’ around you and in your life on a daily basis?

Whether s/he is in your life on a regular basis, as in daily, or
simply part time or ‘on the side’ it is a fact that the relationship
will still take your time, energy and effort. Therefore it is vitally
important to experience ‘JOY’ when you put all of yourself into
something as important as a personal or romantic relationship of any kind.

In all relationships, YOU, are important, not just ‘them’. Therefore, it is vital that you take care of yourself within the parameters of a relationship as well as be cognizant of how much time you are spending taking care of that other person and that other person’s needs, wants and desires. It is important to look at your relationship as objectively as possible, and all areas of daily relational operations, look within the relationship structure. How is it working? Look at the routines of the relationship, does it feel good or bad, or just OK?

Look at exactly who or what is taking up your time. For example, is it the person ‘themselves’ —as in their physical presence dominating your time, or is it their children, or some other area of responsibility that they have in their life, that perhaps you now are spending time putting your effort & energy into as well. Look closely at this because ‘what you’re doing’ and for whom is important, in how you are actually positioning yourself within the relationship.

Time, effort & energy all boils down to dollars and cents when it is not personally invested in emotional sharing at a mutual level. Therefore, look at how draining a relationship can be on you financially if you are investing time, energy and effort into something that this other person has going on in their lives, that takes you away from your livelihood or paid job.

If you are suffering ‘loss’ in any way, or even questioning ‘loss’ in any way, in your relationship, then it is time to restructure into a pattern of ‘gain’. Other wise, with each moment of your real or perceived loss, it is a guarantee that seeds of resentment will begin to grow, and eventually you will become angry, and that anger will be expressed, and it will need an outlet.

You may think or believe that you are keeping it ‘ALL in’ or hidden, and pushed down deep inside, and that you can control it. However, I guarantee you that something will trigger the emotional connection attached to your resentment and your anger will eventually be demonstrated in some ‘action’ or ‘behavior’ that you present or project, even if it is subconsciously induced.

If you can identify with any of the above in your current relationship, then call me and let’s talk about it. It is never ok to be involved in a relationship that steals your joy. It’s time to think about what is actually happening in your relationship.

If you are able to remain joyous, happy and content, in your relationship, regardless of what that other person is or is not doing, then you are experiencing love in it’s most authentic form, which is ACCEPTANCE. That is what being in love with another person is all about. Acceptance. Barring physical abuse, acceptance is the concept of real unconditional, unequivocal, authentic love that is expressed by our genuine ability to accept our partner for who they are and what they are ‘regardless’ —-and never allowing them to steal our joy. 

I am available today, Monday, until 2pm., pacific & then again
 this evening between 7pm & 10pm., pacific.

If your birthday is today, September 28th your cosmic colour is Bok Choy!! You are attractive, hardworking and quite dependable. People love having you in their group due to you being magnetic and almost irresistible. You love to see your work come to fruition as you are very well accomplished and enjoy yourself while you work. You are loved by many. In order to release burdens in your life & out moded behavior patterns, decorate your home and office with this delightful colour as well as wear Green Jade stones. The formula to create Bok Choy = Pantone 13-6208

Enjoy your day and evening,
Blessings & love,
Daija ext 32452

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