Forgiving others is actually ‘good’ for you!


Greetings – Wednesday – September 30th., 2009
Today is all about dealing with those around you who may want more from you than you are willing or could ever possibly give. The words that come to mind, about those people is ‘Demanding’, insensitive, and obnoxious. Ok, you can hang. And you do so in a way that allows you to let them know, exactly where you stand. And your message to them is delivered in a kind & loving tone allowing you to be seen by them as a caring and loving person. In turn, you Surrender to their kindness offering a genuine sensitivity that will inspire them to ‘give’ vs. ‘get’ and your aspirations will enable you to keep everything quite simple, yet tactful and fun, entertaining, actually altering the course your relationship has taken!

Dealing with & Forgiving those annoying people in your life lead you to feeling better, actually good & peaceful about yourself by the day’s end.  Infidelity, whether in a friendship, business partnership or romantic relationship is always difficult to deal with &/or accept, perhaps not even possible for some. Yet, when you choose to ‘not’ forgive someone for their actions, healing will never take place. We are all cut from the same cloth where our reality is on what we believe to be, betrayal. We think, I will never forgive him/her, when in all actuality what you are really saying to yourself, when you choose to not let something go that is eating away at you—- is that I will never let you forget how much you hurt me, even if that means, destroying myself in the process.

And the logic behind that is ‘what’? Don’t let someone else or their actions cause you to have a bad day! Whatever it is, whether it is ‘their actions’ or their words or their deeds—-it is ‘them’ and not you. Therefore, dismiss it as being something out of your control, accepting that you can’t change them. But simply make a better and more wise choice for yourself. And that also includes choosing different & better friends, partners, and lovers. 

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If your birthday is today, September 30th, your cosmic colour is Dusk!! You are witty, powerful & talented. You have a magnetic powerful personality that enables you to attract others. You are recognized for your vast ability to communicate on just about every topic under the sun as well as balance your life like a magician. You are well respected in social circles and everyone just adores you! To create more introspection in your life as well as enhance your focus & better cooperate with the ideas of others around you, decorate your home & office as well as add to your wardrobe this delicious colour. The formula to create Dusk = Pantone – 17-3812

Enjoy your day and evening.
Blessings & love,
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