A Burning Desire


Greetings – Wednesday – September 23rd., 2009
Desire is something that becomes a part of everything that matters to you
today. It is not about ‘just wanting something’ it’s about knowing in the depth of your soul that you have a passionate burning desire to accomplish or achieve a particular result or experience an outcome, second to none. It is with this type of desire that great things in life, such as ‘miracles’ happen.

For some people their true heart’s desire is to experience ‘real love’ whether for the first time or for the second, third, fourth or final time. Recently I heard it phrased as my last greatest love affair. That is what this new season and Merc retro is all about.

Well whether it’s your first, or 10th, falling in love right now, this week, could very well be your first, last and only insofar as ‘romantic love’ goes, so waste no time in allowing yourself to present and be seen by your one true blue love, because s/he is out there somewhere —- and more often than not, not where you’d expect, so keep your mind open and be flexible, because for all of us, this is the magical week of true love. And it can be reawakened as well as suddenly happen, for you!

One day into Libra and Autumn launching simultaneously, fosters a time where we either make a commitment to ourselves about what we’re doing, and restart it, and make it happen, or recognize it’s time to fold’em and start all over again. Whatever it is you choose for you, this week, will be the right and most wise decision, be still and accept it, and do what is ‘right’ for you. If you don’t make yourself happy, then I guarantee you that you won’t make anyone else happy, nor will anyone else be able to make you, happy either. We are all responsible for our own happiness, and our own lives. This is your movie and you’re writing the script, so make it an academy award winner! 🙂

I am available today, until 2pm., pacific & then again this
evening between 7pm & 10pm., pacific.

If your birthday is today, September 23rd., your cosmic colour is
Sky Blue!!  This is one of my favorites too! You are driven by a
magic cord of passion and desire second to none. You are fair
minded, artistic and compassionate. You bring love to all those
paths you cross and refined nature is rarely if ever rude or
crude. You appreciate the finer things in life and especially
those special litte treats in life that make your heart sing and your
body dance in delight. You just love being alive and giving some
thing back to the world. Your faith is great, your a humble spirit.
To add more joy to your already joyful world and to bring others
into your world easily, decorate your home or office with this delightful
colour. The formula for Sky Blue = Pantone 14-4318

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Love surrounds you, and all you have to do is ‘recognize it’ and relax in it. 🙂

Aloha blessings and love to you, 
Daija ext 32452

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